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Why King William Street is significant

King William Street is a wide boulevard that runs through the centre of Adelaide. The leafy green trees that sway along the edges of the street contrast to the large skyscrapers of the city. It is a significant street within Adelaide, with a long history, and home to an array of prominent public buildings. The Street was named after King William IV, by the Street Naming Committee in 1837, made up by the governor and eleven prominent colonists. It is a large continuous stretch of road, beginning in the inner south side of Adelaide, and finishes in the North. The […]


Things to do in Adelaide City

Before jumping on board a bus adventure to the Aussie outback, make sure you take note of the incredible attractions right in the Adelaide city’s centre! This chic city is flourishing with delicious restaurants, fun entertainment, and an easy-going atmosphere. Top Things to do in Adelaide Adelaide Oval For the sport fanatics, Adelaide Oval hosts a large range of sporting events. With a range of seating selections, starting from front row seats to the action, to dining experiences, seeing the sport beyond the restaurant’s clear glass walls. To see the local sport, watch the Australian Footy League. This fast-paced game […]


How to spend a day at Adelaide Hills?

Travel to a land with crisp air, cool temperatures, vast valleys, and beautiful scenery. The Adelaide Hills lies east of Adelaide and is only a short drive to the stunning site. Within the Mount Lofty Ranges, the Adelaide Hills are famous for its wine, culture, and natural beauty. The History of Adelaide Hills Before the European settlement, the Hills were partly owned to the Kaurna Aborigines and partly to the Peramangk tribe. Due to this collective area, the Hills were vacant often. In 1836, the introduction of the Europeans settlers in South Australia began. At first, the area was a […]


What’s On at Adelaide Oval?

Adelaide is the cosmopolitan coastal capital of South Australia. Attracting sports fans from all over to visit their state-of-the-art Adelaide Oval. Hosting both cricket and football games throughout the year, this iconic oval is one of Australia’s best stadiums to enjoy your sport of choice. The History of the Adelaide Oval The South Australian Cricket Association (SACA) was formed in 1871, requesting a city oval for cricketing purposes. The first major match was played three years after this act, with football and tennis matchings to come within the late 1870s. This makes the Oval a ripe old age of 147, […]


Colonel Light’s lookout

Colonel Light’s Lookout gazes out over the sprawling expanse of Adelaide city below. The spot is home to an expansive and rich history that dates back almost 200 years while offering visitors the chance to marvel at the spectacular views. Set on the top of Montefiore Hill, the lookout is named after Colonel William Light, the founding father of Adelaide, who was selected to survey and choose the perfect site for Adelaide to be built in the 1830s. Because of this, he makes up an important part of the city’s history which is still imbued in the mountain and surroundings […]


The Best Things to Do in Hahndorf

The German-inspired town of Hahndorf can be found in the rolling scenery of the Adelaide Hills. Founded back in the 19th century by a group of Lutheran settlers, it is most prominent for the German culture that imbues its tree-lined streets. Featuring a fascinating slice of local history and a hearty dose of European food, drink, and merriment, Hahndorf has a menu of fun things for visitors to get stuck into. There are museums and art galleries, wineries and beautiful scenery, and everything in between. Here’s how to enjoy the village at its best. 1. Explore its German past The […]


Visiting Beerenberg Strawberry Farm

The Adelaide Hills are a haven for food and drink lovers with a penchant for beautiful views. Here, history is entwined with local culture, with quaint towns that pepper the swathes of greenery. Beerenberg Farm sits in the Adelaide Hills and has become one of the most popular attractions in the entire country. The products farmed, produced, and sold here can now be seen in countries all over the world. The farm itself uses only fresh, local ingredients to make products like jams, marmalades, and condiments, all of which are on sale in the onsite farm store. Based in the […]


Viewing Adelaide from Colonel Light’s Lookout

Set on a hill overlooking Adelaide, Colonel Light’s lookout harks back to the fascinating history of the region. The lookout, which can be found on Montefiore Hill, was named after Colonel William Light, who was the founding father of Adelaide and, in summer of 1837, he was chosen to select and survey the site for the city. In memory of Colonel Light and the part he played in Adelaide’s history, a life-size statue of him now stands proud at the top of the hill having been moved from its original location in Victoria Square. It was moved back in 1938 […]


Things to Do at the Bridgewater Mill and Waterwheel

Adelaide is full of historic spots, including the Bridgewater Mill and Waterwheel. Set in the charming town of Bridgewater in the rambling scenery of the Adelaide Hills, this old mill dates back to 1860 when it was built by John Dunn, a mill engineer from Devonshire. He built a number of flour mills throughout Australia, but the Bridgewater Mill is by far his most famous. Situated on Mount Barker Road, the mill boasts an impressive working waterwheel which was built back in the mid 1800s. Dunn chose this particular spot for the mill because it was a prime hotspot for […]


Discovering the St Francis Xavier Cathedral

Set in Adelaide, the St Francis Xavier Cathedral is a prominent landmark in the city. The Romanic Catholic cathedral has been built in a Gothic Revival style from the Early English era. Today, it stands at 36 metres high and measures 56.5 metres in length. It dates back to 1856, but real construction on the tower didn’t begin until 1887. Despite the early start, it wasn’t finished until 1996, more than one hundred years later. Special Features of St Francis Xavier Cathedral Like most of the cathedrals in Australia, the St Francis Xavier Cathedral boasts a number of memorable features […]

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