A guide to the Adelaide Botanic Gardens

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/12/2024

Reading time: 3 mins

Spend an hour or a day exploring the ever so beautiful Botanic Gardens in Adelaide.

Adelaide Botanic Garden

In the heart of Adelaide City is where you can stumble across the Adelaide Botanic Gardens. Here you can take your time exploring the 50 hectares filled with a variety of plants from Australia and the rest of the world.

How to get to the Adelaide Botanic Gardens?

The Adelaide Botanic Gardens can be easy to reach if you’re in Adelaide CBD. Some trams and buses stop at the Gardens. If you’re staying nearby, you could easily walk to the gardens.

What gardens are there?

The Adelaide Botanic Gardens have over 10 individual gardens to see. Take your time through each garden as you walk through and see the variety of plants.

Adelaide Botanic Garden

Economic Garden
The Economic Garden showcases what different oils, herbs, spices, and fibres look like while they’re still plants.

Dahlia Garden
The dahlias in this garden are well-loved and each year the Dahlia Society of SA and the horticultural staff prepare and maintain the display. Dahlia’s look best in late summer as they start to flower.

Australian Native Garden
The Australian Native Garden has native plants used for structural planting, hedging, formal and informal garden beds and more. The plants are local to the Kaurna people who are the traditional owners of the Adelaide plains. There are also Australian cultivars, hybrids, and native plants.

International Rose Garden
Nothing quite beats a beautifully fragrant garden like the International Rose Garden. With over 2700 roses, there are all different colours, fragrances, and styles to see.

Australian Forest
The Australian Forest section showcases the Australian trees and plants that date back to the original plants of the garden! The section includes all different kinds of trees that are found across Australia.

Where can I eat?

The Adelaide Botanic Gardens has a few options of eateries to choose from. The Gardens Kiosk is the perfect spot to enjoy some French pastries with a twist. The Gardens Kiost has views of the Main Lake and is under a giant oak tree.

For an award-winning restaurant and delicious food, look no further than Restaurant Botanic. The restaurant sits by the Main Lake and is close to the Amazon Waterlily Pavilion.

Evergreen Deli offers delicious brunch meals for you to enjoy along with your coffee. There’s everything from sandwiches to homemade cakes and sweets.

All year round the Adelaide Botanic Gardens are worth visiting. The different seasons bring on different plants and flowers to blossom and look their very best.

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