5 Mouthwatering Restaurants On Gouger Street

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 05/21/2024

Reading time: 3 mins

Indulge in some of Adelaide’s very best restaurants along one of the most popular streets.

In the heart of Adelaide city is Gouger Street, one of the city’s major streets filled with high end international restaurants and cafes. Here is where you can get some traditional dishes, especially from any Asian cuisine. Pop down for some delicious food, Gouger Street is likely to have something to suit your craving.

  1. Gaucho’s Argentinian Restaurant

For the very best Argentinian food, look no further than Gaucho’s Argentinian Restaurant. The restaurant gets the very best local ingredients and serves the best meat in the country. Enjoy the charcoal grill meals, perfectly cooked steak, and tasty seafood along with a glass of wine.

The food, staff, and service are excellent, you’ll be wanting to come back again.

  1. East Taste Cafe

East Taste has become a favourite along Gouger Street, serving delicious Chinese and Asian fusion dishes. East Taste offers a range of meals from traditional to something more adventurous. The dishes are bursting with flavours from meals like salt and pepper eggplant, sweet and sour fish, and tea smoked duck.

  1. Concubine

Concubine is an award winning Chinese restaurant open for dinner between Tuesday and Sunday.  The menu has entree options, curries, noodles, sides, and other main dishes, you’ll come hungry and leave happy. We recommend trying the kung pao chicken, steamed prawn and chive dumplings, and beef and potato curry.

  1. Ying Chow Chinese Restaurant

Ying Chow serves some of the very best Chinese food in Adelaide. Filled with amazing meals along with some vegan options too, you can’t go wrong! Some favourites include tea smoked duck, salt and pepper tofu, and classic fried rice.

The restaurant can get busy, so it’s highly recommended to book a reservation so you don’t miss your chance to dine here.

  1. Gyoza Gyoza

One of the best Japanese dumpling places in Adelaide, Gyoza Gyoza is a Japanese izakaya style bar, offering amazing food. You can order anything from a curry to homemade okonomigaki, and sashimi to name a few options.

Make sure you order one of the Japanese style parfait, a soft serve, or a mont blanc. These treats are the perfect way to conclude your night.

Adelaide is known for having mouthwatering restaurants, cosy cafes, and of course award winning wine. You’ll never need to worry about where to eat again when you’re in Adelaide when you walk down Gouger Street.


Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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