What can you see at Adelaide Oval?

As the cosmopolitan capital of South Australia, Adelaide is home to some of the country’s greatest entertainment, with a number held at the iconic Adelaide Oval. Hosting a large range of sporting events, festivals, and tours within the stadium’s walls.

  • Cricket

    One of the most popular sports in the entire world, Cricket is the Adelaide Oval’s main sport. Held throughout the summer, book a day to watch this captivating sport. Even if you don’t know the rules well, you’ll pick it up pretty quickly, becoming addicted to cheering loudly whenever your team pitches someone out.

  • Australian Football

    Australian Football is by far the most exciting sport offered in the country. A unique fast-paced game that is a hybrid of rugby and soccer. Dating back to the 1850s, the sport has grown in size and popularity, now one of the most beloved sports in the entire country, even sometimes internationally loved. The sport uses one oval shaped ball, punt kicking and handballing it down the ground until it reaches the four white posts. If a player kicks it between the two-centre posts, they receive a goal. The sport is a fast, fierce, and unforgettable experience. If visiting Adelaide from March until September, grab a ticket for the weekend and watch the battle begin.

  • Oval Tour

    If you are interested in a bit of history regarding the Oval, join a group tour to learn about the area’s rich history. If interested in sports history, check out the Bradman Collection. They devoted this Museum to Australia’s famous cricket legend, Sir Donald Bradman. A batsman that became an international hero who called Adelaide his home. Learn about the Oval’s history while seeing its heritage scoreboard up close and personal. After the oval’s reinnervation, the scoreboard is the only remaining historic landmark left, giving the stadium a sense of age. For a truly unique view of the city, try the roof climb that lets you circle the open roof’s border. Take in the sights and marvel at the truly awe-inspiring beauty of Adelaide.

  • Restaurants

    With twenty-three function rooms and corporate suites, you can hire a room for a party, or simply enjoy a delicious meal while you see the sporting events from afar. With extravagant restaurants promising a six-course degustation or à la carte menu.

  • Festival

    The stadium is known to host the rare festival from time to time. For example, it will hold an Irish festival celebrating St. Patrick’s Day featuring live entertainment and an array of food this year.

  • Fitness Fun

    Another unique experience is the fitness events held throughout the year. For example, the stadium stomp offers guests a climb up and down the 6000 stairs. With an array of rest stops, drink stations, and music to keep you pumped along the way.

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