Getting to Know the Donald Bradman Statue at Adelaide Oval

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 04/11/2017

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Adelaide and cricket go together like bread and butter, really bloody well. 

Cricket fans visiting Adelaide City won’t want to miss out on a tour of the Adelaide Oval. The Ashes and Test Match wins here are unforgettable. The cricket ground is full of fascinating sporting history and incredible stories.

Throughout the stadium, you’ll come across plenty of memorabilia that commemorate previous Australian cricket players and their many feats. One such commemoration is the statue of Donald Bradman.

For those of you that aren’t aware of this sporting hero, Sir Donald George Bradman was a hugely popular Australian cricketer. Dubbed, the Don, he is the best batsman to have ever played for Australia. His test batting average is thought to be the greatest achievement in any major sport, hence why the bronze statue was erected in his honour at the Oval.

The $115,00 statue stands just outside the cricket ground. The unveiling of the work was just one year after his death on February 25th 2002. It was sculpted by Adelaide artist Robert Hannaford and cast by Mylor Sculpture. Standing at around 2.5 metres high on a 1.5 metre stone plinth, it’s very difficult to miss. Governor Marjorie Jackson-Nelson and the Lord Mayor, Mr. Alfred Huang, in front of over 100 guests unveiled the statue.

Why Was Donald Bradman so Special?

There are rumours circulating in Australian sporting folklore that, when young, Bradman practised his sport with just a cricket stump and a golf ball. When he joined the Australian cricket team, he quickly rose to fame in just over two years. Right before his 22nd birthday, he set numerous high-scoring records, many of which still stand unbeaten.

Bradman played for Australia for 20 years and consistently set new records on top of his old ones. He was not only an exception player of his time, but one of the all time greats. He managed to make cricket great again during the Great Depression after taking a hiatus during the Second World War. Right after the enforced stoppage of cricket, Bradman came back captaining an Australian team that were aptly dubbed “The Invincibles”. They received their name because of their record-breaking, unbeaten tour of England.

Sporting enthusiasts will enjoy soaking up the historic meaning behind the statue, but it is also a chance for non-sports enthusiasts to learn more about the importance of cricket in Australia and how the sport has evolved over the years.

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