What is South Australia famous for?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/22/2019

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Wanting a relaxing and sophisticated holiday indulging on the finer things of life?

South Australia is bursting with the country’s luxury treats! Including local wine, food, and natural beauty. But where and what exactly has made South Australia so famous? What is worth visiting during your Australia holiday?

  • The Wine

    By far the number one factor that has pulled South Australia to the top of the tourist list is their wine. Overflowing with iconic wines, with each winery claiming a range of awards both internationally and locally. South Australia is now considered one of the best areas for winemaking in the entire world. With famous brands nestled within the wine regions, tourists can travel to Barossa Valley, McLaren Vale, Adelaide Hills, and Clare Valley, visiting the famous brands known worldwide. Travel here to try your favourite drop at its birthing place, discovering how it was produced by the professional staff there. Just imagine spending endless days in this wine region can make anyone thirsty for a visit.

  • The Natural Wonders

    South Australia is spoiled for scenic vistas, with iconic attractions illustrating the area’s natural phenomenon for all to see.

  • The Wildlife

    Prefer having a wine with a view? South Australia is home to not just an endless supply of wine, but a range of scenery to go with it. From sprawling countryside hills covered in lush greenery, home to family-owned farms and boutique wineries. To pristine beaches lined by pure white sand and incredible water activities. Even travel inland to immerse yourself within the thick bushland, flooded with native species unique to only a few areas. And throughout all these locations, Aussie animals can be found. Ranging from famous kangaroos and koalas to stunning marine life like dolphins and whales, to even unique reptiles or marsupials seen nowhere else in the world.

  • The Cuisine

    Along with their rich soil for wine, the area is home to a range of delicious homegrown treats. Due to its fertile soil, the land is plenty with local produce, and South Australia has used this to their advantage. Attracting world-class chefs into their land to create outstanding and unique recipes the state has now been famed for. A hub of absolute must-visit food stops to experience, ranging from local cafes, first-class restaurants, to even country food.

  • The Festivals and Events

    The cities of South Australia are famous for its cosmopolitan culture. Rich in history, art, and indulgences. Festivals for arts, food, film, sports, and more are all held throughout the state, with the larger cities holding numerous events every week. Discover South Australia’s laid-back atmosphere. Enjoy a dose of the finer things in life when visiting this festival and event settings.

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