How many days should you stay in Adelaide?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 10/11/2019

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Spending too little or too long in a place is always a risk when going on holiday, so how long should you stay in Adelaide?

When visiting Adelaide, it’s a good idea to prepare to stay for at least three days. To help you decide how long to stay in South Australia’s capital we’ve prepared a 3-day itinerary for you. You can change it up as much as you like, but it helps to have a base to start!

  • Day One – Adelaide CBD

    Start your trip with a day exploring the city. It may be small, but Adelaide’s CBD packs a punch! Start in the heart of the city in Victoria Square where you will be surrounded by locals enjoying this green haven. Then pass through the city’s foodie hub, Gouger Street, where an array of modern and trendy restaurants and bars line the street. Keep walking and you will find yourself in Chinatown, home to the city’s most delicious traditional Asian food.

    Continue to King William Street, where you will find a collection of prominent buildings. See the iconic Beehive, a brightly coloured building denoting the busy workers of Adelaide as bees. If Adelaide is the city of churches, then St. Peter’s Cathedral is the king. Its stunning European architecture and stained-glass windows are appreciated by all who see it. Continue through the city and enjoy architectural marvels before heading to the Central Adelaide Market for lunch like a local.

    After lunch, treat yourself to a spot of shopping before doing a Twilight RoofClimb at Adelaide Oval. Once your climb has concluded, head back to the city for dinner at one of the exquisite restaurants available.

  • Day Two – Glenelg and Hahndorf

    Beat the heat and get down to Glenelg beach nice and early. Soak up the morning sun and play a bit of beach cricket or go for a stroll along the jetty. Pack your bathers so you’re ready to go for a swim when you need to cool down. Glenelg beach is bustling with activity in the warmer months with summer activities and buskers. Grab an early lunch of fish and chips and eat them down on the sand. Watch out for pesky seagulls trying to steal a chip or two!

    After you’re all happy and full, head to Mount Lofty. Take the easy path up to the summit where you can see Adelaide from above. Breathtaking views that never seem to end will welcome you at the top. From here head to Beerenberg Strawberry Farm to pick your own strawberries. Stock up on delicious jams and sauces while you’re there.

    Finally, make your way to the town of Hahndorf. This picture-perfect town is Australia’s oldest German settlement and has all the European charm of Bavaria. Settle in for some dinner at Hahndorf Inn and experience the town’s delightful old-fashioned hospitality.

  • Day Three – Barossa Valley

    What better way to finish your trip than with a wine tour of the Barossa Valley. As one of Australia’s prime wine regions, a trip to Adelaide just isn’t complete without stopping at a few wineries.

    Head through the Adelaide Hills and into the Valley where you can take part in a range of tastings from world renowned and boutique wineries. On your trip, you can learn about the delicate process of wine-making and the correct way to taste and experience the wine you are drinking. Along the way stop at some of the many delicatessens throughout the valley for a meal or collect items to craft a perfect picnic.

    Prearranging transfers to and from the wineries are always a good idea, so you can focus on enjoying the wine and not concern yourself with how to get home safely.

Three days in Adelaide is a great way to see all the highlights of this fantastic Australian city!

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