What is Adelaide’s weather like?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 09/19/2019

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When planning your trip to Adelaide, the first question you ask yourself is what will the weather be like? We’re here to answer that for you.

It’s hard to decide when to go on a holiday. You want to hit all the best events and locations but want the weather to suit your itinerary too. It’s a difficult balance to find, so lucky for you Adelaide is a bustling city all year round, no matter what the weather.

  • Adelaide in Summer (Dec–Feb)

    Summer in Adelaide is hot and dry. With the temperature sitting above 35° most days, it’s best to keep out of the direct sun during the middle of the day.

    The best way to keep cool is to head to the beach for a swim. Don’t forget to use sun protection and swim in patrolled beach areas. Beaches in the summer can be busy, so the best way to get a great spot is to head down first thing in the morning or in the late afternoon.

    Not one for sand and sea? No worries! Head into the Adelaide CBD instead and get your shop on. Get to know the beautiful city all while keeping cool in local air-conditioned stores and shady laneways.

  • Adelaide in Autumn (Mar-May)

    As the days cool down after an intense summer, it’s a great time to get out and about. Autumn is also the ideal time to head to Adelaide for the festival lover. With multiple festivals across the season in a range of art forms, there is bound to be a show you’ll love.

    One of the best autumn festivals on offer is Adelaide Fringe. Across 31 days and nights, over 1000 shows will run across South Australia in the southern hemisphere’s largest open-access festival. If you’re a theatre geek, comedy nut or looking for something new to entertain you, then you can’t miss the Adelaide Fringe.

    Autumn makes a great time to go to the city’s favourite market, the Adelaide Central Market. The cooler weather sees a bountiful crop of fresh fruits and vegetables on offer. Explore one of Australia’s largest fresh produce markets and meet growers, bakers, fishmongers and more. The stall holder’s passion for their goods will entice you, and you’ll leave with a full stomach and a happy heart.

  • Adelaide in Winter (Jun–Aug)

    Adelaide’s winter is mild compared to other parts of Australia, with most days sitting close to 15°. Though summer has well and truly gone, the cooler weather . With less frequent rain than other cities, Adelaide keeps out and about throughout the cooler months.

    Each winter, the Adelaide Showgrounds host the annual Beer and BBQ Festival. The festival celebrates the best local and international brews and barbecues. The perfect way to wish away any winter blues, grab your favourite coat and head to the showgrounds for a night or two of great food, drinks, and entertainment.

    If the Beer and BBQ Festival isn’t your scene, why not head down to Adelaide Oval? Winter is a prime time to visit the stadium to watch an Australian Rules Football game. This fast-paced, high scoring, unique game is Australia’s favourite sport, and the crowds in Adelaide are some of the most passionate! Alternatively, book in for a Roof Climb outside of game times and see the ground, and the city, from a whole new height.

  • Adelaide in Spring (Sep–Nov)

    Spring is a fantastic time to head into the Barossa Valley as weather warms and a new breath of life sweeps through the region as the landscape blooms once again. The highlight of spring is the annual Barossa Gourmet Weekend. Running for three days, the Barossa Gourmet Weekend showcases local produce paired with world-class Barossa Valley wines. Follow the gourmet trail through the Valley to some of the best wineries in the region for a weekend of delicacies and drinks.

    After drinking and eating your way through the weekend, why not complete your visit with a wander through the historic Adelaide CBD. Bright days make a fantastic time for admiring the city’s classical architecture. Contrasted with stunning parkland, take some time to appreciate the beauty of Adelaide.

So, when should you visit Adelaide?


No matter the weather, Adelaide always has something fantastic on offer!

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