What markets to visit at Adelaide

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 05/15/2019

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Adelaide may be low on the tourist radar, but it is the next new must-do destination in Australia.

This sophisticated city is home to a range of culture and style, with exceptional talent in food. Where can you taste the delicious local grub? The city is lined with stylish restaurants, friendly, cafes, and of course a number of worthwhile markets. Grab your shopping basket and head out one of these fabulous markets, trying out all the fresh produce this city is so proud of.

  • Adelaide Central Market

    Adelaide Central market is most definitely the city’s favourite. Being one of the country’s largest fresh produce markets around. The market has a rich history, stretching back all the way until 1869. Stalls of all sorts have popped up over the years, with the centre featuring bakeries, butchers, delis, grocers, fishmongers, bottle shops and much more. It is a smorgasbord of multi-cultural products, from fresh fruit and veggies to vintage cheese, to warm bread fresh out of the oven. Wander the stalls and taste test the light cheddar or sliced ham, all the while talking to the market staff to hear their passion in their products. After loading up your grocery bags, head to a local cafe for a steaming cup of morning coffee.

  • Adelaide Night Market

    Not much of a morning person? Skip the early morning risers and head to the markets after dusk instead! The city’s night market is award-winning, with over 100 different food and market stalls to shop until you drop it. After your feet tire, head to the food section and enjoy a mouth-watering dinner amidst the country fair style. Local bands play throughout the night, with even live performances entertaining both you and the kids.

  • Adelaide Farmers’ Market in Wayville

    For a traditional Sunday morning market, visit the Adelaide Showground for the freshest, most local food in town. The open-air market lets your breath in that crisp morning air as you wander the variety of stalls. Grab a coffee at one of the cafés stands and warm yourself up as you go.

  • Market Shed on Holland

    This market focuses on three things; great food, great music, and great drinks. With locally crafted beer and wine, along with some mouth-watering grub up for grabs. Music is ever changing, with local musicians all coming down to showcase their talent. As it is only open every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, so make sure your holiday dates align up.

  • Fisherman’s Wharf Market

    Go treasure hunting at the historic district of Port Adelaide! Fisherman’s Wharf Market is right nearby the lighthouse, providing great scenery for shopping. This old style two storey market is full of antiques, books, collectables and a buzzing vibe, letting up pick up things you never would have dreamed of during your visit here.

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