What to Eat at Adelaide Central Market

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 10/18/2018

Reading time: 3 mins

Adelaide Central Market is one of Australia’s largest fresh produce markets, offering locals and tourists an array of multi-cultural goodies. But where to start?

Let’s have a look at some of the unmissable stalls in this market at the beating heart of Adelaide.

What to eat at the Adelaide Central Market

Founded in 1869, the Market has been standing for over 145 years. It began on Grote Street, stretching down between Rundle and North Terrace street which soon became the city’s foodie district. The market eventually became too big for its original home and moved to the Central Market. The construction of the market included wood and iron sheets to separate the numerous stalls that were flooding the area. Stalls of all sorts have development, with the centre featuring bakeries, butchers, delis, grocers, fishmongers, bottle shops and much more. Shops and cafes soon popped up on the outskirt streets of the Market, making the entire area a foodie’s heaven.

  • Fruit and Veg

    The Market specialises in producing quality fresh fruit and vegetables. Known for the best-looking fresh produce year-round, with over 20 stalls dedicated to offering the greatest goodies for the season. Discover the brilliant colours of the Australian fruit and veg, overflowing in boxes and baskets cramming the stalls.

  • Meat

    Hear the iconic meat traders holler out their deals for the day. Immerse yourself in the fish and meat stalls as you walk past the shouting characters give their best price for a kilo of mince. Discover the local outback meats, including the iconic Kangaroo. These meat stalls are both sustainable and delicious, with pre-made flavoured wings and sauces that’ll suit your dinner.

  • Dairy

    Breath in the smelly cheese air as you discover huge slabs of butter, delicious organic yoghurt, and a huge range of hard and soft cheeses. Load up on delicious goodies hear as you get ready for a night of wine and cheese bliss.

  • Delicacies

    To make the best antipasto your friends have ever seen, visit some of the market’s diverse stalls. Pick up some of the best oils, bread, olives, and pickles in the city, taking a cheeky taste test or two.

  • Cafes

    After you’ve grabbed everything your little arms can handle, finish at one of the cafes surrounding the area. Enjoy a freshly brewed coffee as you spoil yourself with one of the delicious sweet treats on offer.

Whether you’re a newbie to markets, a long-time shopper or just stopping through, this list of goodies is for you!

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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