What is the best month to visit Adelaide?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/07/2023

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Throughout the year, Adelaide is booming with events from spots, live shows, and festivals.

Even through all of the year, Adelaide is a great time to visit, but there’s something special about March. If you’re not from Adelaide, you won’t be familiar with Mad March, it’s what the locals call March with just how busy it can be. Technically though, Mad March does start in mid-February and ends in late March.

Adelaide Fringe Festival

Adelaide’s Fringe Festival is the second largest one, right behind Edinburgh’s one. This festival is also Australia’s largest, with events happening for 31 days in February through to March. There is something for everyone, with events like comedy, music, circus, and a whole lot more. The festival brings in over 6000 independent artists across 300 venues.

Book a winery tour!

There is no visit to Adelaide without booking a winery tour! Adelaide has two major wine regions, Adelaide Hills and McLaren Vale. A great tour to book to do some wine tastings is the McLaren Vale Wine Tour with a stop in the German tour Hahndorf. The tour takes you to a few wineries to try a range of red and white wines.

Adelaide Festival of Arts

Come celebrate the arts and significant cultural events in Australia, which have been celebrated since 1960! At the festival, there is a range of theatre events, music, visual arts, and much more. The performances are generally more traditional, but each one is worth your time to check out. With something new happening every day, you’ll find something that interests you to check out. We recommend booking a ticket early as they can sell out.


WOMANDelaide (World Of Music Arts and Dance) is a festival that celebrates cultural discovery. WOMANDelaide showcases some of the best and most exciting performances in music, arts, and dance. The festival is at Botanic Park, which is a beautiful green park right in the city and near Adelaide Zoo. Get ahead of everyone else and book early before the day tickets start selling out.

As you can see, Adelaide has a lot going on in March! You’ll also have really nice warm weather as it’ll still be summer. Enjoy a nice summer sunset at one of the beautiful beaches Adelaide has to offer such as Glenelg Beach.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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