McLaren Vale, South Australia

McLaren Vale languishes about 35km to the south of Adelaide city, and sprawls out in a flurry of wineries and spectacular scenery.

It is best known for its internationally renowned vineyards, though there are plenty of other things to get stuck into in the region.

It is thought the region was either named after David McLaren, the Colonial Manager of the South Australia Company. Or, surveyor John McLaren, who worked in the area in 1839. It was first settled by two English farmers who quickly became prominent in Vale’s early years. Today, there is lots to see and do in the area. Tuck into delicious local dishes and taste some of the region’s fine wines, pr explore the natural scenery on foot or by bike.

Things to do in McLaren Vale:

  • McLaren Vale Landscape

    McLaren Vale is peppered with internationally renowned wineries, where you can get an insight into the winemaking process and taste some of the local offerings. Each vineyard offers a tour of the area, and you can pick up a tasty souvenir or two to take home with you.

  • Cycling

    The scenery surrounding McLaren Vale is absolutely stunning, with rich green fields and spectacular views. There are numerous cycling routes that crisscross through the area, offering a great way to get up close and personal with everything on offer. Pack a picnic and enjoy the outdoors, and stop off in the vineyards and farms along the way.

  • Cheese Companies

    McLaren Vale is home to a swathe of cheese factories. Here, local farmers create the best creamy wheels for miles around. Places like the Alexandrina Cheese Company open their doors to visitors who can find out more about the cheese-making process and purchase some local delights to take home.

  • Gourmet food

    As well as cheese and wine, McLaren Vale loves its local food. You’ll find plenty of delicious restaurants and cafes dotted around that serve home-made cuisine. Tuck into traditional Australian dishes, or try some of the more modern offerings throughout the Vale.

  • Visit a Farm

    It is not just cheese farms that dominate the area. In fact, there are loads of traditional farms that give McLaren Vale is countryside feel. You can wander amongst the animals, try some local food from the farm shops, and learn more about what it takes to keep a successful farm up and running.

Other tourist attraction: