Uncovering the Wines at Wirra Wirra Winery

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 04/19/2016

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Located in the hills surrounding Adelaide City, the Wirra Wirra Winery has become a bastion of wine making in this creative part of Australia. Nestled amongst a collection of beautiful vineyards, it is not just the wine that draws in visitors time and time again.

History of the Wirra Wirra Winery

Eccentric South Australian cricketer Robery Strangways Wigley established the winery in 1894. In its early days, the winery took off, proving to be a popular addition to the McLaren Vale vineyard collection. The vineyard quickly became well-known for its acclaimed Shiraz. The Shiraz was exported to England until Strangways Wigley died in 1926.

After this, things took a turn for the worse. Eventually, the winery fell into a state of disrepair and abandoned. However, in 1969, Greg Trott and his cousin, saw the promise in the winery. From this, they started to rebuild from the remnants.

Wirra Wirra Winery Today

Today, the Wirra Wirra Winery is going from strength to strength. With a close-knit family team of winemakers who strive to create the best concoctions they can showcase the delicious grapes of the region and retain the rich heritage of the vineyard.

There’s a heavy emphasis on sustainability, too, like there is in many of the wineries in the area. McLaren Vale is known as one of the most sustainable wine regions in Australia, and the Wirra Wirra Winery plans to live up to this environmentally friendly reputation.

But it is the dedication to producing premium wines that puts the winery at the forefront of its region. Each distinct variety showcases the regional integrity of the locally grown white grapes. They source Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, and Riesling, grapes from the nearby Adelaide Hills. Here, the climate is slightly cooler than McLaren Vale, lending the grapes a recognised flavour.

Of the vineyards owned by Wirra Wirra, there are a few that stand head and shoulders above the rest. Scrubby Rise, Nocowie, Chook Block, ’73 Block, Woodhenge, and House Block are amongst the best. These vines produce the most flavourful fruit year after year.

Wirra Wirra Winery offers visitors the chance to explore all of these vineyards. Plus, you can sample some of the much-loved flavours that are produced every year.

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