What is Adelaide best known for?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 11/28/2019

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Adelaide is known for its riveting festival scene, beautiful natural wonders, charming architecture and its close proximity to some of Australia’s best wine regions!

  • Festival City

    Adelaide has a booming festival scene and hosts some of the best festivals on Australia’s yearly event calendar. Artists from around the world travel to the small city each year ready to put on a fantastic show. Some of the city’s yearly festivals include OzAsia, WOMADelaide, Adelaide Festival of Arts and the Adelaide Fringe. Festival themes are wide and varied, so chances are you’ll be able to find a festival that appeals to your interests. So pack a bag and plan your trip to Adelaide to enjoy a collection of arts, music and cultural festivals!

  • Natural Wonders

    The Adelaide CBD is just a ten-minute drive from some of the country’s most beautiful beaches. Buskers line the foreshore, serenading you as you head to the water’s edge, keep an eye out for the red and yellow clad lifesavers and swim between the flags for your own safety. Settle yourself down on the sand and soak in the Aussie sun. Frolic in shallows, or head out deeper for a relaxing swim, as the waves rock you along the water’s surface. Take a walk along the pier and set yourself up for an afternoon of fishing. Watch where the locals go and follow suit, they know the best areas and where you’re most likely to catch a fish or two. No luck? Never worry, you can still get your delicious seafood feed. Head to one of the beach side restaurants for a meal of top-quality locally sourced seafood.

  • Charming Architecture

    Adelaide has particularly unique and diverse architecture across its CBD. Walk past Beehive Corner, a stunning Gothic Revival façade that has acted as the meeting place for Adelaide locals since 1896. Enjoy the intricate designs of St Peter’s Cathedral, noticeably similar in design to the Cathedral of Notre Dame. Look up at the ornate rose window which depicts stories of South Australia and the Bible. Visit the Adelaide State Library, the huge French Renaissance style building took an incredible 18 years. You mustn’t miss the opportunity to visit Adelaide Parliament House, now known as Old Parliament House. The building was constructed in stages over 65 years using marble and granite sourced from the surrounding regions of Adelaide.

  • Wine Regions

    Adelaide is just a stone throw away from some of Australia’s best wine regions and it’d be silly to miss the opportunity to visit them while you’re there. Take the half an hour drive to the Barossa Valley, Australia’s premier Shiraz region. The unique climate here is perfect for growing wine grapes, so there’s over 150 wineries to choose from! The Barossa is also filled with fantastic restaurants, local produce providers and artisan cheese and meat makers. In addition to the Barossa there are several other wine regions within driving distance of Adelaide. This includes McLaren Vale, Clare Valley and the Adelaide hills. No matter which wine region you journey to, you can guarantee you’ll find a delicious glass of wine.

There are so many fabulous reasons to visit Adelaide, so book your trip in today!

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