Red Poles Restaurant – Discovering Adelaide’s Hidden Treasures

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 09/15/2016

Reading time: 2 mins

Foodies from around the world set their sights on Adelaide during a trip to Australia, and it’s no surprise why.

Adelaide in South Australia is known worldwide for its range of different and delicious food. Fine dining is something that it prides itself on, and what better to pair a delicious meal with than an excellent bottle of local wine.

The streets of Adelaide are alive with restaurants of all shapes and sizes, food from a wealth of different countries can be found and enjoyed here. Food markets and festivals can often be found giving a tasty vibrancy to the bustling alleys and parks inside the city, but central Adelaide may have plenty of dining options to choose from, there are a few hidden gems that can be found on the outskirts of the city.

Red Poles

Red Poles Restaurant is one of these gems, offering a mouthwatering menu that will delight and satisfy you. From tantalising starters, through to tasty mains and delicious desserts. Red Poles will leave you with a sweet taste in your mouth.

Located about 30km south of central Adelaide this marvellous restaurant displays the charming ambience of the McLaren Vale wine region. The lush greenery and warm air couple together to create the perfect atmosphere for a meal. Enjoy on one of the outdoor dining tables while welcoming staff and excellent service highlights the experience.

Red Poles, however, is not just your everyday restaurant. It is, in fact, the epicentre of the perfect mix of food, wine and art.

With its very own gallery on-site, you can take the time to appreciate the smooth strokes of paintbrush on canvas while you wait for your meal to be prepared. What’s more is that art classes in a variety of different mediums are offered here. If you’d like to do a couple of classes, you can stay in Red Poles’ delightful B&B. The comfortable accommodation will have you feeling like you never want to leave. Why not add some entertainment to this marvellous mixture. Live music can be enjoyed on Sundays, setting the perfect mood for a lazy Sunday lunch.

While many people expect to find Adelaide’s best in the city centre, a trip to Red Poles Restaurant would not lead you astray, ensuring an excellent meal and a wonderful time for all ages.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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