How far apart are Melbourne and Adelaide?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 05/30/2019

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Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide. Just some of the must visit cities when you head to Australia. 

Australia is home to a wide range of different environments and sites. With lush tropical wonders, dry red desert land, and thriving cities sprinkling the region. For tourists who want a taste of all these kinds of Australia, seeing both the Funky Melbourne as well as the small sophisticated Adelaide is essential. But how far away are these two great cities?

To Fly or Drive?

Some may gasp at the prospect of driving from Melbourne to Adelaide, but in hindsight, they aren’t that far apart. Being the shortest distance between any of Australia’s capital cities, it only takes a dedication of eight hours to drive from one to the other. In comparison, flying is only an hour and a half journey, giving plenty more time within the cities instead of travelling to and from. Choosing whether you should drive, or fly depends solely on you and your interests, with each transport completely changing your holiday. If you are interested in more attractions in Melbourne and Adelaide, the quick flight may give you more room to fit all these activities. Whereas if you prefer taking your time and discovering new things along the way, driving might be an adventure in itself!

If Driving

If you have decided to drive, there are three ways to do the Melbourne to Adelaide route; the short way, the long route, or the scenic trip. The short journey involves all the freeways and a minimal number of stops for only toilet breaks and food. For the longer journey, taking detours to see attractions along the way can provide lasting memories but a stretched-out trip, with some even taking a week to get from Melbourne to Adelaide. Lastly, the scenic way includes heading along the Great Ocean Road before heading west towards Adelaide. Although it is a stunning and worthwhile detour, it does clock up your time in the car to 12 hours at least.

Where to stop?

  • Ballarat

    It is the largest town along the way, with stunning art, food, and friendly locals. You can either stop here for a quick and delicious homemade lunch at the local café or bakery. Or you can stay for a while, even visiting the iconic sovereign hill right nearby.

  • Bordertown

    What’s better than some delicious takeaway food worthy of a car drive snack? Bordertown is famous for having a 24hour Wendy’s, making the prospect of midnight shake ‘n’ dog not just a fantasy but a reality.

What to see?

  • The Big Koala

    Australia loves there big objects, with big bananas, pineapples, and many more sprinkling the country. Just before Horsham at Dadswells Bridge, there is another big object, this time a giant koala. Take your photo here and marvel at how big this koala really is when you stand next to it.

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