How do I get to Hahndorf from Adelaide?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 11/25/2022

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Discover one of Adelaide’s small German towns in the Adelaide hills!

A water mill in Bridgewater

Getting to Hahndorf from Adelaide can be done by a tour car, taxi, rideshare or public transport. Any option by car should take about half an hour from the city centre.

Going via a tour

An easy way to get to Hahndorf from Adelaide is via a tour! Going to Hahndorf through a tour is a great way to explore the town and see other parts of Adelaide in the same day. There are some great tours which take you to Hahndorf and you get to do a winery tour. You can visit McLaren Vale or the Barossa Valley through one of these tours. It’s a bonus when you do a tour!

Going by bus

The cheapest (but longest) route to get there is via bus 864F towards Mt Barker. You can catch this bus in the city centre along Currie Street (stop D1), Grenfell Street (stop F1) or many stops along Pulteney Street (stops D2, E1, G1, I1 or K1). From the city centre, it can take up to 50 minutes, but you see some significant views of different parks and small towns during your bus ride down to Hahndorf.

You can use a digital map on your phone to ensure you head to bus stop that is closest to you! This will also give you a rough departure time from the selected stop to make planning easier for you.

One of the first stops you can get off at when arriving at Hahndorf is stop 54 (so make sure you press one of the ‘stop’ buttons on the bus) or you can get off from stop 54 to stop 56.

Don’t forget to have a valid ticket for the bus

Before getting the bus, you will need to either pre-purchase your MetroTicket or metroCARD (if you don’t already have one). You can buy either a ticket or card (or recharge your card) at many newsagencies, convenience stores or train stations. Then when you get on the bus, ensure you validate your ticket/card.

How to make your visit worthwhile?

Many visitors to Adelaide want to go down to Hahndorf for a day trip as it is a little German town that has maintained its German heritage in the Adelaide Hills.

While you are in Hahndorf, why not grab a meal at one of the German themed restaurants? There are also museums, galleries, farms, wineries and local shops to discover. If you’re visiting during the holiday season, check out the Christmas Village Trail!

The Hahndorf Inn is one of the most popular attractions. It has been run by the Holmes family since 1847.It serves guests traditional Bavarian food and drink with an authentic dining area, bar, outdoor dining space and even a saloon bar.

The Beerenberg Family Farm allows strawberry picking during summer, while the Hahndorf Farm Barn offers animal feeding. Or if you are visiting for the wine, the more popular wineries in the area are Penfolds, Hahndorf Hills and Nepenthe Wines.

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