How far is Adelaide Hills from the city?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 10/11/2022

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One of the greatest things about Adelaide is the proximity to everything. From the beach to the airport, to the CBD and onto the Adelaide Hills and surrounding wine regions – it’s all within easy reach. You’ll never be sitting in the car (or tour bus) for hours on end before reaching the next destination.

The Adelaide Hills is best known for delightful and quaint village towns like Hahndorf and Stirling, and the region has some of the best food and wine you can imagine – much of which is produced and prepared locally. In between the charming towns are national parks filled with hiking trails or spots for an afternoon picnic.

Towns to visit in the Adelaide Hills

  • Hahndorf

    This town has held onto its European roots for hundreds of years. Much of the buildings, stores and restaurants have strong German influence, and walking the streets of Hahndorf has you feeling thousands of miles away. Try pork knuckle or a pretzel at the German pubs, or pick up local artisan goods from the boutique stalls.

    Strawberry picking at Beerenberg Family Farm is a fantastic activity for the entire family in the warmer months. Hahndorf is only half an hour from the city.

  • Stirling

    Only 15 minutes from the city you will find the beautiful Stirling. The leafy town is home to a vibrant main street filled with quality cafés and stores. The perfect place to stop for a coffee and a treat. The 4th Sunday of each month hosts the Stirling Market – more than 80 stalls selling food, art, homewares, and clothing.

  • Mount Barker

    Surrounded by beautiful countryside, Mount Barker is a 35-minute drive from the city. The main event happens on Saturday mornings, when the Adelaide Hills Farmers Market comes to life.

  • Woodside

    A small town with a friendly and laidback feel. Choose from several pubs or cafés, or head to a winery nearby. Bird in Hand is a popular choice for delicious wine tastings.

How to get to the Adelaide Hills

Driving is the easiest and most convenient option to get to the Hills. Depending on the town you visit first, it will be a 20–40-minute drive from the city. Tours are a fantastic option for travellers without a car. Experienced guides can get you out to the Hills, and teach you facts about the places you visit, plus give expert recommendations on where to eat and drink.

Things to do in Adelaide

Once you’re done exploring the lush hills of Adelaide, you’ll likely find yourself back in the City of Churches. The city is small, but there is a long list of things to do and see.

  • Adelaide Central Markets

    One of the best fresh food markets you will find. Vendors sell fresh and quality goods and food. Meat, breads, dairy, fruit and veg, sweets. Whatever you need, you’ll find it at the Central Market. Open daily, excluding Sunday and Monday.

  • Rundle Mall shopping

    Not only home to a plethora of stores and eateries, but Rundle Mall is also a wide pedestrian thoroughfare buzzing with energy and personality. From street performers to art installations, there is always something to catch your eye at Rundle Mall.

  • Glenelg and Glenelg Beach

    The seaside suburb of Glenelg comes to life in summer. Stroll along the main street for shopping and cafés or spend your time on the expansive stretch of soft white sand, leading into the crystal-clear blue ocean.

  • Adelaide Dining

    Adelaide may be one of the smaller capital cities in Australia, but it certainly packs a punch when it comes to dining options. The central business district is packed with incredible restaurants, bars and cafés, ticking off every cuisine you could think of. Check out Golden Boy, Osteria Oggi, Fugazzi or Africola.

Adelaide and the Adelaide Hills are growing in popularity as more travellers bring home stories of fantastic food, stunning scenery, friendly locals, and exquisite wineries. Join a tour today to make the most of your time in Adelaide and see what the fuss is about.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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