Visit the German Town in Adelaide

The Adelaide Hills – situated a cheeky 30 minute drive from the city centre – are a serene getaway full of family fun and kitschy revelry. One of the starring attractions of the charming and quaint Adelaide Hills is Hahndorf – a town that maintains its German heritage in all its uber splendour!

From wiener schnitzel, stein-lined brew houses to Bavarian confectioners, German artistic heritage and the Beerenberg Family Farm, Hahndorf is a place where you can enjoy a little fun and frivolity deutsch style.

So, what awaits you in this unique little town? And why is it totally worth the visit even if pork knuckles and cream cake aren’t your thing?

Let’s take a look below:

The Beerenberg Family Farm

As well as being a town that is totally open to lederhosen-laden silliness, Hahndorf is also a fabulous family destination, with the Beerenberg Family Farm providing the ultimate place for mum, dad and the littlies to enjoy the beauty of the Adelaide Hills.

The best time of year to visit the farm is the summer, as this is the time of year you and the kids can go strawberry picking and explore the farm in the hilly summer warmth!

Hahndorf Main Street

Hahndorf Main Street is where you will find the bulk of the town’s German fun, where you can stop in at a Bavarian bakery before dropping into a German-themed restaurant for one of the country’s signature fat-laden dishes alongside a big, refreshing stein.

What’s more, there is a fantastic art gallery that showcases works from the region’s First Nations artists that is awesome to see before checking out the goodies at some quality jewellers and leathersmiths.

Sir Hans Heysen’s house

Sir Hans Heysen is widely regarded as Australia’s first celebrity painter, and he and his family (including his equally-famous daughter Nora) lived just near Main Street at the house they dubbed “The Cedars”.

Not only will you be able to enjoy some of the famous family’s most impressive works, but the home and its lush gardens have also been perfectly-maintained over the years, making it a pretty nice place to go and check out regardless of your penchant for paintings.

Hahndorf Farm Barn

Another great place to take the kids, head to the Hahndorf farm Barn to experience farm animal feeding, pony/tractor rides and much more!

Other activity: