What’s on in Adelaide?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 10/29/2018

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The magnificent Adelaide is known as the cosmopolitan city of South Australia.

It is a hub of activity and culture, with new events popping up every month. Home to a slew of museums, contemporary cafes, bars, and restaurants. Adelaide’s laid-back atmosphere that’s tinged with a dose of the historic charm is the perfect place to visit for an exciting adventure.

  • Adelaide Film Festival

    The biennial Adelaide’s Fashion Festival is an exploration of both Australian and international culture. The eleven-day event runs in October each year. It offers a range of events during its running, including unique screenings, forums, and special events. It is by far one of the top events in Adelaide. As one of Australia’s most innovative film festivals it has become a favourite world wide. View some of the best new films in the world when you visit this vibrant city, well worth that plane ticket.

  • Cheese and Wine Festival

    Who doesn’t love cheese? Adelaide has combined both the famous Cheese Festival with the Fermentation Festival to make an ultimate cheese combo-Cheese and Wine. Running in the last weekend of October, this event is not worth missing. Activities including cooking classes, live music, and trivia are all running, offering you a break from many taste testing stalls after you fill your belly to the brim. Running all day until 8 pm, with kids aged the age of twelve or under free.

  • Feast Festival

    An annual festival of Arts and Culture in the heart of the city, feast festival is run during the 10th to the 25th of November. It is a LGBTQI+ Queer Arts and Cultural Festival, which celebrates the pride and diversity of Australia, and the rest of the world. It is the third largest LGBTQI+ festival in the entire country, with performers and events from all over the world.

  • National Wine Centre Champagne Fest

    Unwind at this festival, blessed with loads of different French champagnes and Australian sparkling wines to choose from. Enjoy the fresh local seafood offered as you wander as many stalls your heart desires. Ideal for blissed-outbreaks with your partner or posse!

  • Sports games at the Adelaide Oval

    If you are a sports fan, visit the spectacular Adelaide Oval. This longstanding oval is state-of-the-art after its refurbishing, holding some of the biggest games in Adelaide. Join the cricket enthusiasts as they flock in and flood the stadium during the summer.

  • Central Market

    This isn’t a seasonal event, being a permanent setting throughout the year, but it is well worth the mention. The Adelaide Central Market is home to an array of delicious goodies, including fruit and veg, meat and fish, and gourmet products. Head here for a morning of tasty snacks and buzzing atmosphere.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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