Viewing Adelaide from Colonel Light’s Lookout

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/22/2018

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Set on a hill overlooking Adelaide, Colonel Light’s lookout harks back to the fascinating history of the region.

The lookout, which can be found on Montefiore Hill, is named after Colonel William Light. In summer of 1837, he came to Adelaide to survey the site to decide where the colony should build.

In memory of Colonel Light part in Adelaide’s history, a life-size statue of him now stands proud at the top of the hill. The statue moved from its original location in Victoria Square in 1939. It was moved back in 1938 to create “Light’s Vision”. It is believed the statue sits where he looked out over the land and began planning the city.

Today, the lookout and surrounding hillside is a popular hotspot for visitors to go and learn about the history of the city while gazing out at the spectacular views of Adelaide below. Dotted around, there are grassy spots perfect for kicking back and relaxing on and soaking up the peaceful surroundings.

The History of Light’s Lookout on Montefiore Hill

Developed as part of the 1936 centenary celebrations, Montefiore Hill soon become a popular spot for visitors. People flock here to see Adelaide from a whole new perspective. The project involved levelling the top of the hill, forming a pretty garden, and putting together a balustrade.

The lookout was a way to honour the pioneers of the city. In 1938 surgeon Sir Henry Newland put forward the idea of expanding the hillside area. Additionally, he though of moving the statue of Colonel Light to the lookout spot from its original home of Victoria Square.

The idea was to move it in time for the centenary of the Colonel’s death in October 1939 and rename the area Light’s Vision in honour of him and his input in the city.

However, the council did not approve Newlands plan. However, they chose to change the area’s name and relocate the statue. The statue is now the key focal point of the area and dominates the charming garden lookout.

In 2013, a redevelopment of the Adelaide Oval has somewhat obscured Light’s (and visitor’s) view of the city below, causing some controversy. The statue still stands there looking out over Adelaide and pointing at the city below.

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