The History and Handmade Chocolates of Haighs

Haighs Chocolates boasts the title of Australia’s oldest family-run chocolate maker. The company began in Adelaide back in the early 1900s and remains one of the country’s best-loved chocolatiers. Today, visitors can learn all about the chocolate-making process at the stores and pick up delicious treats along the way.

History of Haigh’s Chocolate

Haighs was started by Alfred E Haigh back in 1915, where it opened on King William Street in Adelaide on the 1st May. Alfred’s experimental chocolate-making technique soon began to get noticed, especially when he released his chocolate-covered fruit centres – a treat that you can still buy at Haighs today.

In 1917, business was absolutely booming, and Alfred realised he needed a bigger location if he was to expand. He went on to buy the family home and a spot of land at Parkside, South Australia. This is now where the Visitor’s Centre is, but it was once a small factory. Five years later, in 1922, he relocated to Beehive Corner, which remains the Adelaide flagship store to this very day.

Haigh's Chocolates

Haighs Today

Today, Haighs boasts 15 stores across Australia, including six in its hometown of Adelaide and six more in Melbourne.

Just outside of Adelaide, you can head to the Visitor’s Centre at Parkside, where you can learn more about the Haighs chocolate-making process. While on a fascinating tour, you can discover more about Alfred’s motivations for starting the chocolate shop and pick up some of the unique techniques that made him a big name in Australia.

While wandering around, you can tuck into some of Haighs’ favourite chocolates and grab a complimentary tea or coffee along the way. The family-run vibe of the factory and stores makes it incredibly welcoming and a firm favourite activity for anyone in Adelaide, Melbourne, or Sydney, where the newest store has just opened.

The Chocolates at Haighs

Haighs continue to use unique cooking processes to make their chocolates distinctive, combining artisan chocolatier skills with the latest manufacturing technology to create different flavours. The vast majority of chocolates made at Haighs are hand-finished, giving them that extra-special artisan touch.

Every year, the chocolatiers at Haighs continue to cook up new, delicious recipes and fine-tune some old favourites along the way. This means there is a constant collection of diverse flavours to try and buy – over 250 varieties, in fact, including hand-dipped truffles and quirkier offerings like chocolate frogs.

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