The Historic Charm of the Hahndorf Inn

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 11/28/2017

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The Hahndorf Inn brings a hearty dose of historic charm to Adelaide.

Set in a two-storey hotel that dates back to 1863, it boasts exposed stone walls and a rustic wood-panelled ceiling. As well as offering comfortable rooms, it serves up hearty German food that harks back to Hahndorf’s days as a German settlement.

The Inn is more than 150 years old, bringing over a dose of history to modern-day city life. The family-run venture sells authentic products imported from independent suppliers in Bavaria and Austria.

Set on the main street of Hahndorf, one of the oldest German settlements in Australia, it specialises in serving its guests traditional Bavarian food and drink. Head into the authentic dining area, cosy bar, and outdoor dining space. In addition, there is a rustic saloon bar with open fires in the colder seasons.

The History of the Hahndorf Inn

The Hahndorf Inn is run by the Holmes family, who have kept the property in their possession since 1847. This family of five generations is made up of experienced hoteliers and inn keepers. They arrived from Bremen on the Hermann von Beckrath ship which docked in Port Adelaide. From here they settled into life in the Barossa Valley. Five generations later and the family still thrives in the region.

  • The Hotel

    The hotel section of the Inn promises rooms that are imbued with the charm of 1800s Bavaria. Each one is lovingly decorated with German charm. Modern facilities and contemporary comforts will  make your stay perfect.

  • The Restaurant

    In the on-site restaurant guests can tuck into a range of delectable German-inspired dishes. Chefs bring the meals to life with the freshest ingredients from Bavaria and Valley. Choose to sit outside under the stars, or cosy up near the open fireplace indoors.

    The menu is made up of hearty dishes as well as contemporary treats that have been whipped up by the experienced in-house chefs.

  • The Bar

    If it’s just a drink you’re after, the Inn has you covered, too. With a saloon bar and a cosy bar area just off from the restaurant, guests can try a range of traditional German beers and beverages in the picturesque surroundings.

The Hahndorf Inn is the perfect place to experience the historic German charm of the hills around Adelaide. As well as a journey down memory lane, you can try traditional German food and drink.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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