Our favourite small businesses in Adelaide

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 05/07/2020

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Adelaide is a city bursting with creatives and culinary geniuses. There are many fantastic businesses throughout the city, and we thought we’d share with you some of our favourites.

Small businesses are part of what give Adelaide it’s delightful small-town feel. While we’re all staying safe at home, you can support the businesses online and help ensure they’re around and thriving for your next trip to Adelaide!

  • Willow Bay

    Willow Bay produces beautifully designed bags that are as functional as they are fashionable. Their neoprene bags as lightweight and perfect for the go-getter while their petite linen bags are perfect for a day out with your friends. Neoprene bags are perfect for gym, swim and baby bags as they easily allow air to circulate to the contents, meaning no more sweat smelling bags for you.

    Willow Bay has extended their collection for children now also, with delightful laptop bags so your kids wont get their computer confused with a class of identical ones!
    Jump onto their website to snag yourself a great bag at a great price and come out of quarantine more stylish than ever.

  • Miss Gladys Sym Choon

    At just 16 years old Miss Gladys Sym Choon became the first woman to incorporate a business in South Australia. In 1928 she opened her mini emporium opposite the famous Adelaide Fruit and Produce Market.

    Sixty-three years late the store was taken over by Joff Chappel and it has been the go-to store for shopping aficionados ever since. Many up and coming designers have chosen Miss Gladys Sym Choon as the place to launch their careers.

    Today, Miss Gladys Sym Choon stocks the most fashionable Australian brands. Jump onto their online store and support this Adelaide institution. With their help, you’ll come out of isolation looking better than you ever have!

  • Have you met Charlie?

    Have you met Charlie is a fantastic gift shop showcasing local South Australian suppliers and independent artists. What started as a pop-up store in 2014 has become a permanent store supporting the local community.

    Head to their online store to shop for stunning jewellery and statement homewares. If you’re new to the zero-waste movement Have you met Charlie? is the perfect place to start, with plenty of reusable products for you to begin your collection with.

  • Kris Lloyd Artisan

    If all your online shopping has left you hungry then Kris Lloyd Artisan is your answer! Kris Lloyd is a self-taught cheesemaker producing delicious goat, buffalo and jersey cow cheeses. Over 17 years Kris has been perfecting her recipes and now produces her cheeses with help from an entire team of cheesemakers.

    Order yourself a hamper and enjoy a home picnic knowing you’re supporting an awesome South Australian business while filling your belly with delicious cheeses.

Adelaide is home to an incredible collection of designers, artisans and artists. Help support these fantastic businesses by heading to their online stores. Just think, soon you’ll be able to go in-store and thank them for their awesome wares!

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