How to spend the perfect weekend in Adelaide?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 12/12/2018

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Spend your two-day getaway diving headfirst into the incredible attractions this bustling city has on offer.

Small enough to walk, Adelaide is the perfect place to dedicate a weekend to without feeling guilty about having missed out on any of its sights. From outdoor fun to night-time adventures, the city offers an ideal getaway to South Australia’s capital for any kind of traveller.

  • Sip on the local wine

    Adelaide is famous for supplying some of Australia’s greatest wines to the rest of the world. Why not visit where these varieties are made? Head to the Barossa Valley and even Hahndorf for some lush scenery and spectacular vineyards. Stroll along the winding roads and stop off at the wineries, food shops, and breweries which litter the area. Make sure to get a designated driver, join a tour, or hire a bus driver for the day so you can really enjoy the different wines!

  • Enjoy a Local Feast

    Loosen your belt as you fill up your belly to the brim with some of the delightful local cuisines offered at Adelaide’s restaurants. Open the doors and dig into a selection of Thai, Mexican, Vietnamese, and fusion restaurants to choose from. Start off with the restaurant’s signature cocktails as you soak up the laid-back atmosphere Adelaide is famous for.

  • Marvel at the Art

    feast your eyes on the local art as you venture into Adelaide’s Art Gallery. the 20th-century building is home to a number of different artworks, that come from both local and international artists. For a look into the fantastic style of indigenous art, visit the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander section. Check out the gallery’s calendar, as new exhibitions pop up every month.

  • Indulge your sweet tooth

    Haigh’s Chocolates Visitor Centre is every chocolate lover’s heaven. Home to every kind of chocolate Haigh’s has ever made. They are the oldest chocolate makers of Australia. With both traditional and innovative recipes to create the country’s, favourite sweets. Stroll through the centre to learn about both the rich history and rich chocolates!

  • Soak up the sun rays

    For an outdoor adventure, take a break from the city to visit the countryside. Stop off at the family-owned Beerenberg Strawberry Farm, for some local grub and family-friendly fun. Visit between November and April and marvel at the farm covered in green and red patches of strawberries. The fun thing about this farm? You can pick the strawberries yourself! Simply grab a basket at the gate and walk through the paddock patches, hunting for the plumpest fruit you can find.

  • Shop ‘til you drop

    Empty your bank account as you fill your bags with clothes, food goodies, and presents for friends and family. Venture into the Adelaide Central Market, which has been around for 149 years, for an array of food treats to choose from. Grab some gourmet goodies for a Christmas present your friends will actually enjoy! Spend a dime or two on new clothes at Rundle Street. The street is lined with high-end boutiques, unique vintage stores, and an abundance of hearty cafés for a caffeinated pick-me-up. this classic city stretch is a shopper’s paradise. Whether you spend the day here or simply stop through, you will certainly not be disappointed.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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