Home-Made Jams and Historic Charm at the Beerenberg Strawberry Farm

Set just outside of Adelaide City, the Beerenberg Strawberry Farm proves to be a popular tourist attraction for those looking to explore the fresh local produce of the region and the great outdoors.

As a working farm, it produces a number of delicious homemade treats, including jams, condiments, and sauces. Its picturesque setting in the quaint village of Hahndorf in the Adelaide Hills means it promises stunning scenery and plenty of wildlife, too. Now, it is an important part of Australia’s food and wine trail, and is well recognised for its cute, portion-sized products that are used on airlines and in hotels.

The History of the Beerenberg Strawberry Farm

The farm itself dates back to 1839 when Johann Paech, a German migrant, opened it up as a dairy farm. It wasn’t until 1969, though, that it became “Beerenberg”, a name given to it after Grant Paech and his wife Carol sold off the dairy cows and planned to start a new type of farm.

To begin with, the farm was renowned for selling home-made jams that were displayed on a roadside stall. Today, business has absolutely boomed, though it is still run as a multi-generational family business. More recently, it has received a food award from South Australian Premier for its dedication and contributions to the horticulture and food industries.

Keeping up with Innovation

Over the years, Beerenberg has tried its best to keep up with the changing trends in the food industry. In 2009 it set up a new feature on its website that allows customers to trace the journey of their food from “soil to shelf”. This reveals information as detailed as when the product was made and even the name of the cook who created it.

Things to Do at Beerenberg

There are plenty of things to get stuck into at Beerenberg as a visitor. Strawberry picking is one of the most popular activities, where families can gather their own punnets of juicy strawberries to eat in the great outdoors. There is also an on-site jam kitchen where visitors can discover how the condiments are made and sample a few of the flavours before heading on to the farm shop to pick up a collection of souvenirs to take home.

And, as a backdrop to it all, you can revel in the historic charm of Hahndorf and the Beerenberg estate itself, which has maintained the age-old charm that imbues this part of the country.

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