Getting to Know the Village of Bridgewater

The village of Bridgewater is set amongst the picturesque Adelaide Hills just 21km to the south-east of Adelaide city. A pretty village, it boasts a certain English charm and is best known for its Petaluma Bridgewater Mill – hence its name. As well as stunning scenery and a historic vibe, the village also produces delicious Petaluma wines and is the home of one of the best restaurants in Southern Australia.

The History of Bridgewater

Before the Europeans arrived on Australian soil, Bridgewater was owned and lived in by the Peramangk and Kaurna Aboriginal people. It was originally known as Cock’s Creek and came to be known as a village in 1840.

In 1859, miller John Dunn built a mill across the creek. It was powered by the waterwheel that still characterises the village today, and it is what gave the village its current name.

The village remains a pleasant escape from the hustle, bustle, and heat of Adelaide’s city centre, and you can explore the beautiful English charm that imbues the opulent houses and European gardens.

Things to Do in Bridgewater

  • The Bridgewater Mill

    No trip to the village of Bridgewater is complete without seeing the historic mill. The original waterwheel remains in place, and you can learn all about how this landmark proved to be such an important part of the area’s history.

  • St Githa’s Garden

    Bridgewater is renowned for its pretty gardens, and St Githa’s Garden is one of the best. Combining a luxury stone cottage and a multi-award winning garden, this one-hectare expanse of beauty is well worth a visit. In the English-inspired garden, you can wander amongst neat manicured lawns, rose gardens, perennials, and mesmerising flower displays, as well as kick back and relax in one of the secluded seating areas.

  • Stroll Around Bridgewater

    There’s no better way to spend an afternoon in Bridgewater than by strolling its quaint streets. Around town, you can check out the abundance of historic buildings, like the Millers Cottage, which dates back to 1860, the General Store from 1877, and the Old Police Station. Wandering around Bridgewater feels like you’ve stepped back in time, while the collection of cute shops, cafes, and restaurants will keep you busy during your visit.

The Adelaide Hills are a great place to explore the historic charm of this part of Australia, and the pretty village of Bridgewater is the perfect starting point.

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