Get some fresh air in Adelaide

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/27/2020

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When you’ve been cooped up in a plane, car or bus travelling for hours on end to get to your destination often the first thing you want to do is spend some time outdoors.

Here are some of our absolute favourite outdoor activities, perfect for a weekend away with your friends or your family!

  • Go berry picking

    Head just a bit outside of the city and into the lovely town of Hahndorf. This German settlement town has all the charm and feel of Bavaria, without the need to learn German! Here you can find the Berenberg Strawberry Farm. This family-run farm creates delicious home-style jams, chutneys and sauces.

    Pop into their café for some afternoon tea or head into the strawberry patch to pick you very own strawberries. The patch is only open at certain times of the year, and sometimes needs to close for a few days to prevent over picking, so be sure to give a call ahead before making the trip.

    Once you’ve finished, head back to Adelaide with your arms full of berries and your hand smelling sweet and fresh.

  • Visit the Botanical Gardens

    Step out of the bustling city centre and into an urban oasis in the heart of the city. The historic Botanical Gardens span for over 50 hectares and feature some of Australia’s finest plant collections. Lead yourself to the magnificent Palm House, built in 1877 it is an architectural beauty. If you’re visiting the gardens mid-morning, why not join one of their free guided tours? They depart at 10:30 am daily.

  • Spend a day at the beach

    Just five minutes from the city is the beautiful Glenelg Beach. Take yourself for a stroll down the pier and look out across the stunning ocean. If you have access to any fishing gear take it out with you and join with the locals as they try and get a bit over the edge.

    The beach itself is beautiful and calm. Lay on the sand and enjoy the warm sun rays or venture into the calm waters for a cooling dip. The foreshore is lined with buskers most of the year so be sure to keep an ear out for so local musical talent.

  • Take a bike tour

    We might be a little bit biased but the best way to get outside in the fresh air is to take a bike tour through Adelaide. Kick off your day at the Adelaide Central Market. Friendly guides lead you through this delightful market where you can sample some of the best produce and artisan goods Adelaide has on offer. The Adelaide Central Market has been a hub of the city for over 150 years and features over 70 sellers.

    Jump back on your bike for a relaxing ride through the city under the warm Australian sun. Learn about the city’s colonial history and get a taste of Adelaidean life. Your guide will tell you the secrets of the city and give you all the hints to finding this city’s best local hangouts. 

Adelaide has a great collection of outdoor activities to keep you from being cooped up in stuffy buildings all day long!

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Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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