Debunking the top myths about Adelaide

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 12/06/2019

Reading time: 3 mins

There are a few myths floating around the universe about Adelaide, and we’re here to tell you why they’re wrong (or confirm a few!).

Adelaide is a fantastic city that is well worth the visit, so come on down and experience it for yourself!

  • People from Adelaide sound weird

    Surprisingly yes, this is slightly true. For many visitors the Australian accent in general is very strong and at times hard to understand, but the Adelaidean accent is slightly different from the rest of the country. Adelaideans have a more English sounding accent. The difference in their accent from Melbournians or Sydneysiders could potentially be linked to Adelaide being a free colony, rather than a penal settlement speaking with lower-class accents and slang.

  • It’s the murder capital of the world

    In 2002 a British TV documentary made the unsubstantiated claim that Adelaide was the murder capital of the world. The city has been trying to shake the rumour ever since. While Adelaide has had its fair share of crime, it is far from the world murder capital, and previously has been named Australia’s safest city. Adelaide is a very safe place for locals and tourists alike, with an incredibly low crime rate.

  • Everything is 20 minutes away

    When people visit Australia, they are often surprised by just how large the country is. While some local Adelaideans might tell you this is true, that the best of Adelaide is all within 20 minutes of the CBC, we’re here to tell them they’re wrong. Drive that but further, stay in the car a little longer and you’ll discover there are so many great reasons to travel outside of the CBD. Sure, there is plenty to do close to the city, by why not go and explore!

  • It’s a super religious city

    While Adelaide is definitely the City of Churches, it isn’t necessarily an overly religious place. The city got its nickname from the variety of religions practiced in the area. You’re certainly sure to see some beautiful places of worship, however, don’t worry your sandals and singlet top are fine, you’re not visiting a miniature Vatican.

  • There’s nothing to do in Adelaide

    This couldn’t be further from the truth! Adelaide has so much going on, and there is always an event going on for you to attend. With so many attractions to tick off your list, stunning beaches and some of the country’s best wineries there is no way that you could be bored in Adelaide. And anyone who says they are clearly hasn’t bothered to leave their bed that morning.

A fantastic way to explore this city is by bike. With flat roads and bike-friendly routes, It’s a great way to see all the best bits of the city and get in a fun workout too.

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Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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