Culture and Creativity at the Adelaide Film Festival

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 07/31/2017

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The vibrant city of Adelaide bursts with cultural colour throughout the year. A roster of fun events, art exhibitions, live performances and lively festivals keep you entertained year round.

Taking place every two years, the Adelaide Film Festival forms an important part of the city’s cultural calendar. It brings the world’s best-loved films from well-known and emerging directors to screens and venues around the city. Running for two weeks during October, the festival is an important event on the city’s calendar.

Visitors will have the chance to attend exclusive screenings, watch award ceremonies take place, and take part in numerous other events rotating around the festival itself.

The festival celebrates Australian and international screen culture, boasting forums and special events that replicate several themes in the films on show. Take a deep-dive into the film world and experience film like never before.

It is now one of the most innovative festivals in the country, and is well-known around the world. Each year it  hosts exciting new talents that are emerging from the Australia film industry.

When it first began, the Adelaide Film Festival took place in March, just before winter hit. However, since 2013, it has been moved to the month of October to celebrate the arrival of summer and to bring a new cultural event to spring in the city.

Adelaide Film Festival Awards

A large part of the festival is the awards. They are handed out to new and emerging directors and locals working in the film industry.

The category for the Best International Feature Film Award is the most anticipated award. It celebrates the many achievements of top filmmakers from all across the globe. The festival was the first Australian film festival to offer a juries prize for the best feature film. This accolade remains an important part of the celebrations today. For this particular category, the judges look for a distinctive voice in storytelling. Additionally, bold narratives, creative risk-taking, and generally fabulous filming is also important.

If you find yourself exploring Adelaide during the 10-day extravaganza in October, be sure to check out some of the events taking place as part of it. Not only will you get to witness some of Australia’s burgeoning talent, but you’ll also get a taste for the rich cultural landscape that characterises the city.

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