Colonel Light’s lookout

Colonel Light’s Lookout gazes out over the sprawling expanse of Adelaide city below. The spot is home to an expansive and rich history that dates back almost 200 years while offering visitors the chance to marvel at the spectacular views.

Set on the top of Montefiore Hill, the lookout is named after Colonel William Light, the founding father of Adelaide, who was selected to survey and choose the perfect site for Adelaide to be built in the 1830s.

Because of this, he makes up an important part of the city’s history which is still imbued in the mountain and surroundings today – basically, Adelaide wouldn’t be where it is if it hadn’t been for Colonel Light. When the statue of Colonel Light that sits at the lookout was originally erected, it was positioned in Victoria Square in the heart of Victoria.

However, in 1938, it was moved to the lookout in an attempt to recreate “Light’s Vision”. Now, the statue perches in the exact spot where Colonel Light himself might well have stood and decided on where Adelaide should be built.

So, as well as forming a pivotal part of Adelaide’s history, the lookout also offers some of the best views across the city and its famous landmarks. On top of that, there are plenty of lawn areas that are ideal for picnics and relaxing on a warm summer’s afternoon.

The Impact of Colonel Light on Adelaide

The history of the lookout is fascinating. Montefiore Hill itself was developed into what’s now known as “Light’s Vision” in an attempt to recreate the moment Colonel Light chose the spot for Adelaide. It was done as part of the centenary celebrations, and at the same time it was flattened out and planted with beautiful flowers to create a pretty backdrop.

In 1938, the statue of Colonel Light that had, until then, taken pride of place in Victoria Square, was moved to the lookout to complete the scene. It was moved precisely 100 years after Colonel Light died, and was the final addition to the project that was set up to honour the founding fathers of the city.

Since the project was set up, the area has continued to develop into one of the city’s go-to hotspots. However, controversy hit the area in 2013 when the Adelaide Oval went under construction with the new addition obscuring part of the view from the lookout. Despite this, the statue of Colonel Light still remains, and the lookout is the perfect place for visitors to go if they want to explore the history of Adelaide and get a taste for how the city first came about.

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