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Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 05/23/2019

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Take the guess work out of dinner. Here are all the best restaurants Adelaide has on offer. 

  • Midnight Spaghetti

    If ever you’re in Adelaide and have a craving for pasta, Midnight Spaghetti won’t disappoint. Nestled upstairs of the Cranker Hotel, if you didn’t know it is there you would definitely miss it! However, take a stroll up the heritage building stairs to a cosy and inviting dining and classic Italian dishes. If hunger strikes you late at night, don’t fret for this restaurant is open till 3am to satisfy all your pasta cravings. The laid back atmosphere and its staff only serve up Italian varietals of wine and nothing here is over complicated. What you’ll get is good old-fashioned pasta dishes that are exactly as they seem. Pure goodness. We recommend you try their signature dish; Midnight Spaghetti. Olives, capers, chilli and anchovy are delightfully mixed to perfectly al dente pasta. Trust us, you wont regret this order. 

  • Orana

    This restaurant is the brainchild of Jock Zonfrilla, a chef born in Scotland with ancestral ties in Italy. His restaurant Orana, which means welcome, pays homage to the traditional owners of the land. The restaurant features a seasonal tasting menu that uses traditional Indigenous Australian techniques of cooking. It’s an intimate setting with a small restaurant area that invites you in. Choose from a short tasting menu that consists of 7-9 courses (on Friday lunch only) or the dinner tasting menu which is a whopping 16-18 courses. Orana was Australia’s best restaurant 2018 and its easy to see why.

  • Golden Boy

    This contemporary Thai restaurant is in an energetic space, bright and clean with the focus being around the central viewing point where all the magic, or cooking, happens. The walls of the  space are comically covered in sketches, and the energy is infectious. The food is authentic, fresh and bursting with spices served by a chatty and intellectual staff. If everything on the menu looks good to you, which it probably will, order the ‘tuk tuk’ menu and for $58 dollars, the wait staff will bring you the favourites of the menu.  

  • Africola

    A kitchen fire in 2016 is the reason for a change in direction from the chef and co-owner Duncan Welgemoed’s South African roots to the flavours of North Africa. Located in Adelaide’s east terrace, this clean and sophisticated restaurant lets their food do all the talking, with charred vegetables taking centre stage, lovingly brandished in spices that pack a punch. Try the Peri Peri chicken for a burst of spicy flavours, or the wood oven cauliflower for a savoury and meaty swell of gusto.

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