5 Adelaide festivals in 2024

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 01/08/2024

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There’s a reason why South Australia is known as Australia’s festival state.

Adelaide is the best city in Australia for hosting some world-famous festivals. Every year you can expect some incredible festivals to attend in the city and state from food and wine to art.

You’re about to find out why South Australia is the festival state of Australia.

1. Adelaide Fringe

This year’s Adelaide Fringe festival runs from February 16 to March 17 and is the Southern Hemisphere’s largest open-access festival. Without a doubt, the Adelaide Fringe Festival is one of the biggest festivals in the state. The festival hosts international, local, and interstate acts performing throughout the day and night.

The festival has different ticketed events from circus to music and comedy throughout venues in Adelaide.

2. Feast Queer Arts & Cultural Festival

From November 1 to 19, the Feast Queer Arts & Cultural Festival takes place again in Adelaide. The festival showcases the LGBTQIA+ community through a range of events like comedy, drag, music, and many more.

Get involved in celebrating the LGBTQIA+ communities and buy tickets to different events across venues in Adelaide.

3. Adelaide Festival

The Adelaide Festival is an arts festival that has been running since 1960! The 2024 Adelaide Festival runs from March 1 to 17. Be sure you don’t miss out on seeing the theatre, dance, visual arts, and more from around the world, nationally, and locally.

There are tickets for all events in different venues within Adelaide.

4. Adelaide Film Festival

If you’re a film expert or just love your movies, the Adelaide Film Festival runs later in the year between October 23 and November 3. Across the 11 days, there are unique Australian and overseas screenings, forums, and events that take place in different venues in Adelaide.

Don’t miss out on the Adelaide Film Festival as it only runs once every two years!

5. Tasting Australia

This year between May 3 and May 12, the Tasting Australia festival runs where you can taste some incredible food and drinks. This festival is one of Australia’s longest-running food and drinks festivals! Discover for yourself tasting wines, elegant desserts, and mouth-watering meals.

Make sure you head down to Tasting Australia at Town Square and try the diverse range of food and drinks.

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