Visiting Beerenberg Strawberry Farm

The Adelaide Hills are a haven for food and drink lovers with a penchant for beautiful views. Here, history is entwined with local culture, with quaint towns that pepper the swathes of greenery. Beerenberg Farm sits in the Adelaide Hills and has become one of the most popular attractions in the entire country. The products farmed, produced, and sold here can now be seen in countries all over the world.

The farm itself uses only fresh, local ingredients to make products like jams, marmalades, and condiments, all of which are on sale in the onsite farm store.

Based in the old German-inspired town of Hahndorf, the Beerenberg Strawberry Farm dates back to 1839 when the Peach family arrived in the area just after South Australia had just been declared a state.

The first batch of jam from the farm wasn’t made until 1971, though. But, since then, Beerenberg has expanded its range of products to include 60 different items, many of which have been sold all over the world since the mid 1980s.

Today, the Peach family still own the farm, with the fifth and sixth generations making sure it’s staying true to its authentic Australian roots.

Picking Your Own Strawberries at Beerenberg Farm

One of the things Beerenberg Strawberry Farm is famous for is its huge collection of strawberry plants. Between November and April, families and visitors flock to the farm to try their hand at picking their own juicy strawberries.

In a kind of bonding experience, people can hunt through the designated strawberry patch to find the perfect piece of fruit before taking their collection home with them.

Strawberry picking has been a part of the fun at Beerenberg since 1975 and, to this date, the farm has never missed a season. In fact, in Australia’s warmer months, strawberry picking at the farm has become one of the top things to do in Adelaide.

Getting to Beerenberg Strawberry Farm

To get to the Beerenberg Strawberry Farm which is located in Hahndorf from Adelaide, simply travel up the South Eastern Freeway and take the exit into Hahndorf town. Keep going all the way along the main stretch of road before you reach a hill – the farm shop is on the right hand side.

If you’re walking to the farm from the centre of Hahndorf, just take a stroll down the main street and you’ll find the store about 450 metres from Otto’s Bakery. And if you’re arriving by bus, the number 57 stops right outside the farm shop.

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