Why you should put Adelaide Hills on your bucket-list

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/03/2021

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A picture-perfect region home to crisp air, cool temperatures, and sprawls of lush green hillsides, Adelaide Hills is one of the best weekend getaway destinations in all of Australia.

The beautiful region lies east of Adelaide, only a short scenic trip from the hustle and bustle of the city. Find out why you should pop this extraordinary location onto your bucket list for the next time you travel around the area!

  • It has a long history

    Lobethal, Adelaide Hills

    Back in the day, the Indigenous community of the Peramangk people called these hills their home. In 1836, European invaders settled in the region, with the hills mainly crowded with the fringe of society such as young runaways, bushrangers, and fugitives. However, after the introduction of vineyards, the area’s success blossomed, making it one of the top wine-growing regions in the country.

  • There are countless Wineries

    Due to the rich soil of the valley, and the cooler temperatures, the Adelaide Hills are the perfect place for winemaking. The region’s success has expanded right over the hilltops, with Penfolds, Hahndorf Hill, and Nepenthe Wines all just a few of the very best brands around. No matter what type of wine you are after, this valley has you covered, from a variety of red, pink, white, and sparkling!

  • The Extraordinary Food!

    While sipping on a variety of wine drops, it’s always best to fill your stomach up with some delicious food prior. Many opt to head to one of the many stylish restaurants about, for a fine dining experience which goes hand in hand with the wineries. Others choose to visit one of the many Food factories about, such as Chocolate, cheese, homemade gourmet goods, and more!

  • The Historic Towns

    Dotted about is a number of historic and fascinating towns, all offering a range of delights that are unique to their history. The German-inspired town of Handorf is by far the biggest attraction around, founded back in the 19th century by a group of Lutheran settlers. The town’s german history can clearly be seen when strolling the streets, with the architecture and tree-lined roads looking like you just step into a European small-town.

  • The Farms to Visit

    Fancy wineries and restaurants aren’t the only things on offer in the Adelaide Hills, with a number of farms scattered about the grassy fields. Many of these farms allow visitors daily, with fruit and veggie patches just waiting to be picked! The Beerenberg Strawberry Farm is a beloved family-owned farm and allows visitors to enter the strawberry fields and pick their very own strawberry punnet. Letting travellers enjoy the sunshine and the lush greenery as they pick their afternoon snack fresh!

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