Why you need to visit Hahndorf during your Adelaide Holiday

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 12/31/2018

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Nestled in the Adelaide Hills region of South Australia lies the small town of Hahndorf. 

The area is teeming with incredible art, history, and of course, wine. Famous for its German-inspired style, founded back in the 19th century by a group of Lutheran settlers. Have a look at the top travel attractions that cover Hahndorf and discover why this town is a worthwhile spot during your holiday to the city of Adelaide.

  • The Farms

    Embrace the greenery and spend a day as a local farmer. Beerenberg Strawberry Farm is one of the best farms to visit, as it lets you pick your own strawberries straight from the bushes. Simply grab a basket at the gate and head down the rows and rows of fruits. After filling your basket up, head to the farm shop to weigh your haul and pay up!

  • The Museums and Galleries

    Discover the history of the land and town at the many museums and art galleries dwelling within. Old, historic buildings are converted into these exhibitions. Noteworthy sights include the German Migration Museum and the Hahndorf Academy. German Migration Museum has an array of historic artefacts and stories retelling the town’s past. Hahndorf Academy was once a boarding school but is now overflowing with local and international art pieces.

  • Local shops on Main Street

    The best way to see all that this town has to offer is by strolling down the main street. Lined with cafes and restaurants, galleries, and souvenir shops. Tall trees cover the street in patches of shade, perfect for a cool walk on a summer’s day. Friendly locals greet you along the street, welcoming you to their shops at the door. If you are looking for some presents to buy for your friends and family back home, have a sort through the packs of goodies offered within.

  • The Wineries

    The rolling hills of Adelaide area wine lover’s dream. Bursting with a range of different vineyards and wine varieties, the area promises a unique taste of the region’s best wines. The most well-known wineries include Penfolds, Hahndorf Hill, and Nepenthe Wines, just to name a few. But if you look long enough, you can discover the hidden, alternative wineries which offer an exceptional experience.

  • Christmas Village Trail

    If you are visiting Hahndorf during the holiday season, you can’t miss the Christmas village trail. This includes attractions like a giant snow globe, gingerbread village, and a white Christmas market.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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