What You Can Expect from Adelaide’s Chinatown

Foodies will go crazy for the delicious flavours on offer at Chinatown in Adelaide City. Set amongst the vibrant streets of the city’s Central Business District, the area is well-known for its world-famous international cuisine covering all parts of the globe. Here, you can browse stalls piled high with gourmet foods, Oriental treats, and street food stalls. In addition, there are plenty of five-star restaurants, cafes, and food courts to enjoy while visiting Chinatown.

To get to Chinatown, head down Gouger Street or Grote Street and you’ll find yourself in the heart of the area, with its pagoda decorations and cosy red lamps. If you’re looking for something a little different, take a turn down one of the lanes that cut off from the main strips and discover some of the smaller, more boutique-style eateries.

The History of Adelaide’s Chinatown

Adelaide’s Chinatown started life in 1847, when the first few Chinese laborers arrived in the city from Singapore to work as indentured shepherds.

Many of the Chinese people disembarked ships docked in Southern Australia before they travelled inland to the goldfields, but it wasn’t until the 1970s and 1980s that Adelaide’s Chinatown really began to blossom after an influx of Asian migrants hit the city.

They sold produce at the Central Market and then branched out into Asian food shops, cafes and restaurants, which soon became known as Chinatown. Today, the pagoda roofs, traditional red lanterns, and Oriental restaurants can be found on and around Moonta Street, the heart of Chinatown. At each end of the road, Paifang, traditional Chinese-style archways, stand guarded by Chinese lion statues which were gifted to the area by Adelaide’s City Council and the Chinese Government.

What You’ll Find in Chinatown

The area is well worth a wander, particularly if you’re a foodie heart. Here, you can tuck into dishes from China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and India, while stalls sell everything from fresh Asian fruit and vegetables to Oriental snacks and treats.

Aside from food, there are several Asian health providers, as well as studios for a number of cultural dance and performance groups, and even an education facility. The streets are packed full of craft sellers, too, flogging everything from high-end jewellery, to handmade souvenirs and crafts in designated gift shops.

This vibrant part of Adelaide brings another part of the world to the city, offering tasty morsels of food and a mesmerizing cultural experience.

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