What wineries are in McLaren Vale?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 02/11/2022

Reading time: 3 mins

South Australia is a state that is synonymous with all things fruity and fizzy, being home to many of the country’s most revered wine regions, one of which is the outstanding McLaren Vale!

McLaren Vale is the birthplace of South Australian wine; a place where sustainable practices and uber old grape vines produce some of the world’s most collectible vintages, and they’re no stranger to a top class cellar door, too…

Here are some of the best wineries located in the gorgeous, wonderfully indulgent McLaren Vale:

Oliver’s Taranga

If any of Australia’s wineries encapsulates home grown and produced passion it has to be that of Oliver’s Taranga. The winery is not only home to a giant plethora of grape varieties, but you will also be happy to learn that they only use their own top quality grapes in production.

Having produced wine in the region for around 180 years, Oliver’s Taranga is a special dedication to McLaren Vale’s rich winemaking history, a place where you can taste wine that is deeply rooted in the region’s tradition.

You will be completely spoiled for choice when you visit Oliver’s Taranga, but don’t let it overwhelm you – the team is super accommodating and happy to share their rich insight with you!


Taking the crown for a cellar door that is completely unique to any other you will find in the country, the D’arenberg Cube is a testament to the complexities of winemaking!

Not only is the fascinating cube an amazing place to enjoy D’arenberg’s fine Shiraz, but it also serves as something of a wine museum, with an inhalation room, 360-degree video room, “alternate realities” room and, of course, a top floor tasting room with stunning vistas of the surrounding vineyards.

Top this off with a wonderful restaurant and you can see why D’arenberg is one of the world’s most famous cellar door experiences…

Samuel’s Gorge

Having been on the scene for a cheeky 20 years, Samuel’s Gorge could be considered a newcomer on the McLaren Vale winescape. However, their product is as mature as any of the 100+ year producers operating in the region.

This old farm shed is revered for producing small batch wines of a wealth of varieties: Tempranillo, Shiraz, Grenache and more! This winery is renowned for their slow process wine making, which always results in fine drops that have amassed a legion of connoisseur fans across the globe!

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