What is there to see in Adelaide?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 06/14/2022

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Adelaide – the city everyone kinda really wants to go to – has become one of Australia’s most popular destinations in recent years. If it’s not for its stunning beauty in and out of town, or for its plethora of locally-sourced dining options, it must be for its entertainment, being home to two of Australia’s most fabulous festivals come March!

Yes, there is plenty to see in Adelaide, and that is why everyone suddenly wants to go there – be sure to check out these awesome spots when you do:


Glenelg is the fun and buzzing part of Adelaide that also happens to have one super sublime beach. Its gorgeous shorefront and numerous attractions make it Adelaide’s centre for all things enjoyable, with so much to do for families and weekenders alike!

Aside from its absolutely immaculate beach, Glenelg is home to the awesome Glenelg Foreshore Playground and the superb Moseley Square – both fantastic places to take the kids on holiday.

Next, it’s time to head out onto the sand, with Glenelg Beach being a great spot for a picnic and a swim in the cool blue waters that make this shoreline so famous!

The River Torrens

If there is one word people use so often to describe Adelaide’s landscape that it has become cliche it is “quaint”. And given that cliches are often overused truths, it’s easy to see why so many people hold this opinion.

This small, charming town is easily traversable by foot, and there is no better route to take than that of the River Torrens – Adelaide’s famed waterway that snakes around the north side of town.

Take your time to meander along this idyllic stretch, taking in the sites and tranquil beauty that awaits you, as well as stopping for a coffee and a meal at one of the river bank’s charming eateries.

Adelaide Central Market

Australia’s capital cities aren’t short of awesome markets, but Adelaide is truly special in the way you can find so much of the fabulous produce that makes South Australia so bountiful!

Here you can find everything from meats and cheeses to fine wine, baked delights and plenty of fine food from the likes of the Barossa and Kangaroo Island (two of Australia’s true gourmand paradises).

Fill your basket with fine food and good drink and get set for a scrumptious feast made from locally-produced goodies!


Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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