What are 10 interesting facts about South Australia?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 01/14/2022

Reading time: 3 mins

South Australia is a state full of fascinating history and stunning landscapes, with plenty of fun and adventure to boot. From the stunning Barossa Valley to gorgeous Adelaide, down to Kangaroo Island and beyond, South Australia is a state that is on every traveller’s mind when thinking about their next vacay!

Given that South Australia is such an intriguing place, we thought we would share a few fun facts about the state to get you in the know for when you head there yourself.

Here are 10 fun facts about South Australia:


1. It is the “City of Churches”

Whether you’re the atheist or pious type there is one thing you can all agree on: Adelaide’s churches are pretty magnificent. Adelaide has earned the nickname “The City of Churches” because, well, it has heaps of churches!

2. It is home to the most Indigenous artifacts

It may not seem like anyone’s first guess, but Adelaide’s South Australia Museum is home to the country’s largest collection of Indigenous artefacts. You can find a massive collection of these stunning artefacts and more upon entry to the museum.

3. The 20 minute city

Adelaide is a small city, taking only 20 minutes to get from one side to the next. That doesn’t mean they’re short of things to do, however: Adelaide is brimming with cultural events that have made it world famous!

4. It was a free settlement

Adelaide was the only capital city that convicts didn’t settle (something the locals are very happy about).

The Barossa Valley

5. Its name is a typo

The Barossa was supposed to be named the “Barrosa” after a Spanish town. Alas, there was a typo, presumably by a more-Anglo settler, and so the name “Barossa” is a mistake.

6. It’s Australia’s most famed wine region

Sorry the Hunter, Margaret River and Yarra – the Barossa is, and always will be, Australia’s most revered wine region.

7. It has some of the world’s oldest vines

The Barossa Valley has some of the world’s oldest vines, dating back an incredible 170 years!

Kangaroo Island

8. The kangaroos are different there from the mainland

Kangaroo Island has different kangaroos to the mainland. Kangaroo Island kangaroos have longer fur that is darker in shade.

9. It’s a shipwreck kind of a place

There have been a massive 80 shipwrecks off Kangaroo Island since records began in South Australia in the 1840s.

10. It’s a pretty big island

Kangaroo Island is Australia’s third-largest island (after Tasmania and Melville Island), and is a massive seven times the size of Singapore!

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