Things to do in Hahndorf Town

Hahndorf is Australia’s oldest German settlement set in the heart of the lush Adelaide Hills. Just outside of Adelaide City, this old fashioned village oozes Bavarian charm, with plenty of pubs, cafes, and artisan shops to enjoy.

Throughout the town, boulevards are lined with vibrant, 100-year-old elm and plane trees that sit side by side with traditional, restored Fachwerk buildings. The town is dedicated to preserving is Germanic heritage, with numerous pubs serving up authentic gastronomic delights from Germany, but there are also chic new shops and businesses that offer a deluxe atmosphere in the small-town streets.

Things to do in Hahndorf Town

Beerenberg Farm

One of the most popular attractions in Hahndorf is the Beerenberg Farm, which dates back to the early 1800s. Set to the east of the town, it has been run by five generations of the Paech family since the German immigrants settled in this part of the country. The working farm produces tonnes of goods every year, including strawberries, mixed vegetables, sweetcorn, jams, pickles, chutneys, and sauces. A day at the farm promises fun for all the family, with strawberry picking, rose gardens, and leisurely walks on offer. Strawberry picking

The Hahndorf Academy

This building from 1839 was one of the very first buildings that was erected in Hahndorf, and it continues to showcase the rich cultural heritage of the town. It is now the largest regional art gallery in South Australia, and places a heavy emphasis on the artistic and religious pursuits of the German settlers.

Misty Hollow Fantasy Cave

For something a little more unique, check out the Misty Hollow Fantasy Cave, which boasts several storybook dioramas that display the interesting people and animals who call the fictional Misty Hollow home.

The Cedars

For over half a century, The Cedars was home to Sir Hans Heysen, a local artist in Hahndorf. Today, it is a historic house that showcases some of the artist’s finest works. Throughout the well-preserved house, studio, and gardens, visitors can get to know Heysen, who was renowned for his diverse techniques and his variety of subject matter.

Kick Back in Bavarian Style

The Main Street in Hahndorf is alight with cute cafes, traditional restaurants, and pubs that hark back to historic Germanic life. You can get a taste for the country through the exceptional gastronomic delights on offer, relax with a coffee, or dip in and out of the artisan stores that line the boulevard.

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