Things to do in Adelaide City

Before jumping on board a bus adventure to the Aussie outback, make sure you take note of the incredible attractions right in the Adelaide city’s centre! This chic city is flourishing with delicious restaurants, fun entertainment, and an easy-going atmosphere.

Top Things to do in Adelaide

  • Adelaide Oval

    For the sport fanatics, Adelaide Oval hosts a large range of sporting events. With a range of seating selections, starting from front row seats to the action, to dining experiences, seeing the sport beyond the restaurant’s clear glass walls. To see the local sport, watch the Australian Footy League. This fast-paced game is the most popular sport in the country, so get ready for a screaming crowd.

  • St Peter’s Cathedral

    For a historical architecture landmark, visit the city’s St Peter’s Cathedral. Adelaide is known as the city of churches in Australia, and this one of the city’s most important. With a European feel to its beauty, consisting of glass stain windows and narrow roof peaks. The ringing bells of the cathedral add to the cultural atmosphere of the city.

  • Central Market

    Venture into one of Australia’s largest fresh markets, home to an incredible array of multi-cultural products. From fresh veggies to aged old cheese, this market is full of delicious goodies. Why not relax and enjoy a freshly brewed coffee at one cafe after filling your shopping bags to the brim?

  • Art Gallery of South Australia

    For a dab of culture, venture into Adelaide’s Art Gallery. This 20th-century building houses numerous origins of artwork, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, Asian, European and North American. With historic and modern pieces displayed, and new exhibitions frequently showcasing throughout the year.

  • Haigh’s Chocolates Visitor Centre

    For a sweet stop, try out Haigh’s Chocolates Visitor Centre. A chocolate paradise housing every kind of chocolate sweet you can dream of. Haigh’s is the oldest chocolate makers of Australia, with both traditional and innovative recipes to create the country’s favourite sweets. Learn about this history of this company while discovering the secrets behind the chocolate making. Try out the samples offer while you’re at it!

  • Events

    Adelaide always has something new going on! Look up which events are taking place the month you are visiting, with ever-changing experiences including fashion, food, art, or music. Coming up for October and November are several fantastic events. Adelaide’s Fashion Festival is being held in October, presenting the city’s vibrant creative industries at runway shows, master classes, and social events. Ozasia Festival is an international arts festival within October/November, incorporating Asia into the dance, artworks, theatre, and music presented.

Adelaide is a thriving, progressive city, full of incredible activities for the whole family. Join the fun and enjoy the local art, food, and history. Make sure you save enough time on your Australia trip to see all the great attractions Adelaide city has to offer!

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