Port Noarlunga – An amazing day of aquatic attractions

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 08/30/2016

Reading time: 3 mins

Bursting at the seams with seemingly endless things to see and do, Port Noarlunga is one of the coast’s top destinations.

Lying on the outskirts of Adelaide just 30 km to the south in a city called Onkaparinga and borders the Onkaparinga river.

This river runs through the Onkaparinga recreation park at its estuary. You will be able to explore this lush, green park and enjoy the multitude of birdlife and animals that roam these thriving wetlands. This is the perfect starting point on your trip to Port Noarlunga as you follow the river towards the coast.

The shores of Port Noarlunga are teaming with amazing aquatic attractions. Experience the immense splendour of the ocean and the underwater wonderland that it’s home to. If you’re looking for somewhere to go just to enjoy the views that’s okay too. Take a nice, relaxed stroll while you enjoy some sightseeing. A trip to Port Noarlunga should definitely be on your list!

The coastal park walking trail runs along the shores of the St Vincent Gulf. It is the perfect place to stretch your legs and unwind as you take in the calming atmosphere of the beach.

Marine Life

Port Noarlunga also gives you access to the Encounter Marine Park. The waters are full of incredible wildlife and spectacular reefs that give a colourful vibrancy to the clear waters. You will have the chance to pull on some scuba gear or snorkelling equipment and jump in. Enjoy this opportunity to experience this incredible marine ecosystem up close and personal.

The Port Noarlunga reef stretches along 1.6kms of coastline and is home to hundreds of species of fish and coral. Look for stingrays and dolphins. If you’re really lucky you may even catch sight of the southern right whale.

If you’re looking to float on top of the water, rather than underneath it, then you’ll want to rent a kayak. Explore the beautiful ocean from above without even getting a toe wet. The calm waters and sunny weather in the summer months make for absolutely perfect conditions. What better time to enjoy this experience with the peaceful hum of nature surrounding you.

So whether you’re looking to explore the ocean, or float on top of it, or even just to walk alongside it and enjoy the smells, the sounds and the general charm of the beach, Port Noarlunga has something for you!

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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