Where is Hahndorf, South Australia?

A German inspired town founded back in the 19th century by a group of Lutheran settlers. The town is bursting with a hearty dose of European culture as well as a captivating history. With tree-lined streets and charming architecture a far cry from the hustle and bustle of the Adelaide city.

But where exactly is Hahndorf?

Nestled in the Adelaide Hills region of South Australia lies the small town of Hahndorf. Teeming with museums and art galleries, wineries and beautiful architecture, and everything in between.
How to get there

By Car

Hire a car for the day and head towards the beautiful country region. Only a quick 20-minute drive from the city of Adelaide, simply hop on the South Eastern Freeway and cruise your way down.

By Bus

Spend your day in Hahndorf without having to worry about parking fees. The public bus operates daily, carting a whole bus of visitors and locals to and from the city. To check the best time for you, look up the Adelaide Metro 864 bus route.

Bus Tours

To learn everything there is to know about Hahndorf without even having to pick up an information book, bus tours are for you. Be comfortable sitting back and relaxing on this pre-organised journey, offering a day of information and attractions within the Hahndorf region.

What to do in Hahndorf

Museums and Galleries

Discover the historic charm of this small town at its captivating museums and art galleries. Old buildings now converted into these exhibitions. Noteworthy sights include the German Migration Museum, which has an array of historic artefacts and stories retelling the town’s past, most practicality its German heritage. Hahndorf Academy is a converted old building, once used as a boarding school, which is overflowing with local and international art pieces.

Main street

A trip to Hahndorf is not complete without a stroll down the main street, the town’s thriving street filled with food, drinks, art, and culture. The street is spotted with shaded from the tall trees lined along the footpaths. Wander through this beautiful region to discover all of what the local shops have to offer. With friendly faces greeting you at the door, grab a souvenir from the art and crafts store, or simply tuck into some delicious lunch as you people watch the street. If you are interested in a take-home pack of goodies, try to visit the local food shops, including the cheese cellar, ice creamery, or the FruChop Shop.


After discovering the town’s charm, why not visit the surrounding wineries scattering the area. These rolling hills are bursting with delicious wineries, all offering unique varieties created from the area’s rich nutrient soil. Wineries such as Penfolds, Hahndorf Hill, and Nepenthe Wines, just to name a few. Relax with a delicious crisp white as you marvel at the surrounding greenery flooding the region.

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