Guide to Adelaide

The undeniable appeal of South Australia’s capital city envelopes all who visit. Adelaide is the country’s fifth-largest city and welcomes millions of visitors each year. Being the beautiful coastal city that it is, Adelaide is certainly one of the top tourist destinations in the entire country, not to mention its proximity to one of Australia’s most famous wine regions.

The History of Adelaide

Founded in the early 19th century, the charm of this era still holds true to the city today. There are a number of historical spots around Adelaide, putting on display some of the oldest and most fascinating buildings in the country. Each building tells a story of the 1800s, and to explore this in such a beautiful setting really does allow you to appreciate this experience. Once you have satisfied your desire to learn more about this city’s past, you can finish your relaxing day with a visit to Barossa Valley. One an hour’s drive away, one of Australia’s oldest and most fruitful wine regions plays host to over 200 cellar doors. You will be treated to premium quality wine from a number of luxurious wineries. Experiencing wine tasting of such delectable flavours that have been perfected over generations explains the 1 million annual visitors to this breathtakingly beautiful region.

What Makes Adelaide So Great?

The Wildlife

The clean, fresh air that encompasses the city of Adelaide is all thanks to the amazing greenery that is spread throughout the city. To leave the concrete behind and lose yourself in natural beauty is easy with a visit to Adelaide’s botanic gardens. Spreading over a total area of 51 hectares, these phenomenal gardens will give you the chance to learn more about a number of different plant species. With separate subdivisions inside the gardens, you will have the chance to explore plantations of medicinal plants, native Australian species and even a wetland that has been designed to irrigate the entire grounds. Having explored the gardens in all their glory, you can then head to the north-west border, where you will find the entrance to the Adelaide Zoo. Established in the late 19th century, this zoo is popular for its focus on education and the fascinating variety of animals. Perfect for the whole family, you will even have the chance to visit the petting zoo with your kids and get up close and personal with kangaroos, quokkas and wallabies.

The Beaches

Glenelg, SA

The beaches in South Australia are second to none. Along the coastline, you’ll find breath-taking stretches of sand that merge effortlessly with the turquoise waters of the region. If beaches are more your style, then the Fleurieu Peninsula is for you! With a number of beachside hot spots to choose from, you’ll be lounging back in the sand and soaking in the warmth of the South Australian sun.

Without having to travel out of the city, you will still have access to the Glenelg beach. Glenelg is far more than just a beautiful beach, it has a rich historical significance being South Australia’s oldest mainland European settlement. While the convenience of Glenelg beach’s proximity may entice you, why not travel a little further and experience one of the country’s most fantastic beach, Southport at Port Noarlunga. If you really are looking to spoil yourself, you can take a trip to the nearby Kangaroo Island, the gorgeous beaches and clear blue water ensure an unforgettable beach getaway.

The Wineries

Adelaide Hills

South Australia is the country’s largest wine producing state, with over hundreds of different reds, whites, pinks, and sparkling on offer. It is overflowing with famous brands and iconic wines, with regions including Barossa Valley, McLaren Vale, Adelaide Hills and Clare Valley all celebrated for their varieties. As a bonus, the majority of these wineries are only credit cards through of Adelaide, making it a perfect day trip out of the bustling city. Just imagining yourself spending endless hours in this spectacular countryside region will make anyone thirsty for a visit.

The Adelaide City Itself

Known as the cosmopolitan city of South Australia, Adelaide is bursting with spectacular style. A hub of activity and culture, the city is brimming with art, festivals, food, and a laidback atmosphere. Promising charming an array of activities including restaurants, cafes, galleries, bars, and pop up events. Adelaide’s laidback air is tinged with a dose of historic charm, with numerous museums detailing both Aboriginal and European History in the region. But as well as bustling high streets and shops galore, there is also plenty of parkland to discover and the beautiful River Torrens.

Adelaide City as a Tourist Destination

Explore the Culture

Adelaide’s central cultural hub can be found on the North Terrace, where there are a handful of impressive buildings to admire, like the Parliament building, Government House, and the Festival Theatre. Walk beyond these and you’ll discover the State Library, the South Australian Museum, which is home to several indigenous shows, and the Art Gallery of South Australia, which features some of the country’s hottest new talent.

Enjoy a day of culture and feast your eyes on the local art at Adelaide’s Art Gallery. The building is home to an array of fantastic artworks, both local and international. As well as having an entire section dedicated to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artworks. The art expos are everchanging, so check out the gallery’s calendar to see what’s on show when you visit.

Make for the Market

Adelaide Central Market

Food lovers will not want to miss out on the colourful party that is Adelaide Central Market. This is the foodie heart and soul of the city, where local farmers sell fresh produce, home-made jams and chutneys, and hand out delicious tasters to draw in visitors. If you’re hungry, you’re going to want to check out the piles of freshly-caught seafood, vibrant veg, and pastured meats.

Otherwise, you can visit one of the night markets, with live music and delicious dinner options. If you are after a fancier food option, with fusion Asian style, mouth-watering Italian grub, or unique hipster style food options. Majority of the restaurants are created with stunning style, almost artworks in themselves from rooftop views, light effects, and local artist murals attached.

Turn Back Time

Thiele's Cottage, Hahndorf

Adelaide harbours a fascinating history, especially if you step outside the city centre. Just 20 minutes from the Central Business District, you’ll find Hahndorf, the oldest German settlement in the country. Here, old cobbled lanes are lined with cellar doors, artisan shops, and pubs serving traditional bratwurst. There’s also the famous Beerenberg farm to enjoy, too, where you can go berry picking and soak up the incredible views.

Attend AFL Games

AFL Game at Adelaide Oval

For the sports fanatics visiting, why not see the local Aussie sport of AFL! The game is a mix of rugby and soccer, with a unique set of features and enthusiasm added to it. The Adelaide Oval hosts a large range of AFL games here, with locals filling up the stadium quickly. If you aren’t travelling during the footy season, you are bound to be here for some sort of sports game. With cricket being another worthwhile game to see. Cheer along with the locals as you enjoy an Aussie meat pie and beer while you watch.

Grab a Coffee

Adelaide is hot on its coffee. It makes brewing the perfect blend seriously, and there are numerous trendy hangouts popping up throughout the city, whether you want a lively pop-up experience or a quiet cup of coffee away from the crowds.

Adelaide will cater to your every need, no matter what you’re looking for. With lush wineries and paradisiac islands within driving distance, your visit will be filled with exciting experiences.

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