The Best Things to Do in Hahndorf

The German-inspired town of Hahndorf can be found in the rolling scenery of the Adelaide Hills. Founded back in the 19th century by a group of Lutheran settlers, it is most prominent for the German culture that imbues its tree-lined streets.

Featuring a fascinating slice of local history and a hearty dose of European food, drink, and merriment, Hahndorf has a menu of fun things for visitors to get stuck into. There are museums and art galleries, wineries and beautiful scenery, and everything in between.

Here’s how to enjoy the village at its best.

1. Explore its German past

The first thing you’ll notice about Hahndorf is its hat-tip to German culture. The architecture is inspired by European greats, and the inns that dot the village serve up traditional German fare all year round. Simply wander around the streets to soak up the culture and pop into the German Village Shop to get yourself a souvenir or two.

2. Try the Local Beer

If there’s one thing Germany is famous for, it’s beer, and there’s plenty of the good stuff in Hahndorf. The village itself is home to plenty of artisan beer and winery outlets along the main street, while the surrounding rolling hills are peppered with vineyards packed with unique flavours.

3. Discover the Museums and Art Galleries

The historic charm of Hahndorf is captured in its museums and galleries. At the centre of the village, you’ll find the Hahndorf Academy. Once a boarding school, this impressive building now boasts a collection of artworks from local, national, and internationally renowned artists. Don’t forget to check out the German Migration Museum, too, to learn more about the German history of Hahndorf.

4. Take a Stroll

The main street in Hahndorf is alive with cosy pubs, tasty restaurants, and artisan shops selling all sorts of local handmade goods. Boasting a pretty backdrop with tall trees flanking the street, it’s a great place to start your explorations of Hahndorf. While in town, duck into Ye Olde Ice Creamery to get your ice cream fix, try some of the local cheese at the Udder Delights Cheese Cellar, and give your sweet tooth something to sing about at The Menz FruChoc Shop. Elsewhere, keep your ears peeled for the sound of native Australian birds in the surrounding countryside, and grab a bite to eat at one of the many restaurants that serve both Australian and German cuisine.

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