Berry Picking at Beerenberg farm

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 11/08/2019

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Picking berries in the summer is an Australian pastime. As the berries begin to blossom under the Australian sun its time to head to the Beerenberg farm.

Beerenberg is truly a family farm. Walking their shop you’ll see stories and names splashed across the front of every product they offer. From the caramelised onion Dean hates to share to the tartare sauce Aunty Mazz learned to fish for, the Paech’s are sharing their stories and recipes with the world.

Wait, but we thought it was the Beerenberg farm, not the Paech farm! Let’s step back for a second.

Over 200 years ago the Paech family left German-speaking Russia to settle in Australia. They came with dreams of creating a prosperous life for themselves and generations to come. Settling in the Adelaide Hill’s they purchased land that’s nutrient rich soil was perfect for growing fruit and vegetables. Today, the farm is still 100% owned by the Paech’s however in 1969 the farm was renamed Beerenberg, meaning “Berry on the Hill” in German, to reflect the farms heritage, location and produce.

Strawberries at Beerenberg

Strawberries weren’t always on the menu though; the farm’s first commercial product was dairy! It wasn’t until 1967 that Grant Paech, the then owner, planted strawberries around his farmhouse. Two years later the first commercial quantity was planted. In 1970 the first produce was sold in the farmers’ markets around Adelaide. They were a hit!

However, after a large order fell through at the last minute, Grant found himself with a lot of fresh strawberries and no one to sell them to. He decided the best option was to make some jam, and thus the Beerenberg Farm Strawberry Jam was born. It’s said he boiled the pot over the first few times but eventually got the hang of it. Bottled up in cream cartons from the dairy, Grant sold out of all his jam in the first day it was available! Just four years later the decision was made to sell the dairy cows and machinery to make room for more strawberries.

Visit Beerenberg

Today, Beerenberg Farm is world known for their jams and sauces. Shipping them around the world, being stocked in over 400 hotels and serving individual pots on multiple major airlines! The best way to get your hands on a jar though is to head to the farm.

For six months of the year, visitors are welcome to come and wander their strawberry fields, picking their own perfect berries to take home. For over 40 years now they have welcomed Adelaide locals and visitors to the strawberry patch. Open 7 days a week, the patch is so popular it is regularly ‘picked out’ and closes for a few days to allow more berries to ripen, so best to check to avoid disappointment.

The Beerenberg Farm is an institution of Hahndorf and is a must see no matter when you visit. Whether you’re just popping into the farm shop for a taste or picking your own strawberries, the Beerenberg Farm is a delightful afternoon out!

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