Adelaide Botanic Garden

North Terrace, Adelaide, SA 5000

The charm & beauty of the Adelaide Botanic Garden

Adelaide Botanic Garden

Adelaide is, unquestionably, one of Australia’s prettiest cities. From the lush parklands running along the River Torrens, to the city’s abundance of ornate churches dotting the city centre, to the pristine Glenelg Beach, Adelaide sure has a lot that pleases the eye!

Naturally, this means that The Festival City has a superb botanic garden. The Adelaide Botanic Garden is a wondrous potpourri of gorgeous gardens, futuristic architecture and grand avenues, with plenty of education to go with them.

So, what is it about the Adelaide Botanic Garden that makes it such a tranquil destination in this buzzing town?

  • Beautifully-designed gardens

    The Adelaide Botanic Garden is subdivided into a range of luxurious, vibrant gardens with each displaying the wonders of Australian flora and fauna. There is the essential, incredible beauty of the First Creek Wetland, which whilst being a picturesque part of the garden, is also the garden’s primary water source.

    Then there is the amazing Garden of Health, a testament to flora’s ability to improve human health and wellbeing. This important garden perfectly blends western and non-western cultures to demonstrate how plants and flowers can provide medicinal properties that modern medicine can’t.

    Finally, be sure to check out the International Rose Garden, a quaint part of the botanic that showcases around 5,000 roses – how romantic!

  • The space-aged Bicentennial Conservatory

    The Bicentennial Conservatory is an incredible piece of architecture in itself, a giant curvilinear dedication to the world’s tropical rainforests. Take your time to marvel at the steel and glass structure itself before heading inside the conservatory, where plants from Australia, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and the Pacific Islands’ rainforests await you.

  • The Santos Museum of Economic Botany

    The Santos Museum of Economic Botany is the last of its kind, a joyous testament to plants that has been in existence for over 130 years. In fact, this permanent plant collection is largely the same as the original display that opened all those years ago, so it’s essentially like stepping into a charming plant time capsule!

  • Enjoy a pleasant day in the garden

    The Adelaide Botanic Garden is a quaint and tranquil part of the city that is enjoyed by all. Whether it’s exploring the thoughtfully-themed gardens, learning about ancient rainforests or gazing upon century-old plants, the Adelaide Botanic Garden is a great day out for any visitor of the city.

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